Saturday, 20 February 2016

Missionary Monday 2nd November 2015

 A wee story from Sister Peden's companion this week

"Then my companion is checking the train timetable as we decided to go in a new area called Silloth. We was running to catch the train...and as we Catch the train just in time as was about to leave without us....we manage to open the door and squeeze in. At the middle of the journey she said ....opsy...we are on the wrong direction.

We laugh and said...well...maybe we meant to be here. We got of...f on the next stop which was the last stop in our area called Aspetria. This is a little village with a very few houses. We started straight from the first house as we got out of the train station. On the third house we find a woman who loved to listen to us and was happy to say to us to come back. As was a rainy day...people here were very nice to us. Two of them wanted to invite us inside for a cup of tea
Turn out that was a great day and we had fun too the rain. "

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