Saturday, 20 February 2016

Missionary Monday 25th January 2016

   "This week has been a bit crazy, going nuts packing just got everything to fit. It was crazy sitting on the suck bags trying to get every little bit of space I can and with out a transfer meeting we each pulled two very heavy suitcase and lifted them on and off two trains we then got a lift to the Y S A building in Manchester Piccadilly, took forever to find everything, looks the same where I met sister Wong (my new companion)... she is so sweet and kind and hard working always trying her best to do all she can I love her all ready just a fight to get her to talk to me so we will have to thing of some fun things to do together she is so quiet but she is getting there I need to work on going at her pace and not overwhelming her so we can work together I look forward to the amazing things we will do this transfer . I am very easily confused here at the moment but that just as its a new area I will settle in a week or so I already love the few members I met. there are many members here I will have to thing of a way to remember them .
My shoulder is still annoying but I am going to the doctor on Wednesday to see if they can do something so. We will see I am so excited about the temple trip tomorrow I love the temple and I am so glad we are able to go so often is a spiritual recharge a bigger boast than Sunday which is nice well I hope you have a good week sorry it's short this week but I love you all "

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