Saturday, 20 February 2016

Missionary Monday 1st February 2016

"Hi everyone how are you, I hope you had a great week. This week has been up and down, trying to learn a new area is never easy and sister Wang struggles a lot with the language so we struggle to understand one another but are getting there. he is really sweet and kind and try's so hard, she is a sensitive soul who wants to help everyone and it hurts her a lot when people just don't want to be helped and she misses her trainer a lot. I I can learn so much from her, for I hope to change not just my behaviour but my very nature. I don't want to come home unchanged by the many wonderful experiences I have had and by the testimony I have developed.

This is a big ward slightly bigger than ours at home, so many people to learn and remember but the key to missionary work is the members. They all seem friendly and warm I am excited to get to know them better.

My first Sunday was ward conference and it was a great meeting. Our investigator family came, so that's wonderful, she is really nice I love them already. My second Sunday, we were able to talk more with the members and see how we can help. I have spoken with the bishop briefly but not as yet sat down with him and talked about how we can best help the members and him in his calling.

The temple trip was amazing. I love the feeling of peace that comes from the temple and feeling that amazing sense of being home and were I am meant to be, in my fathers house we were there for a while and missed the cafe for lunch so we went to the bookshop I ordered an EMM t shirt and I got a new notebook I was sent some the scripture stickers, they are great. I love them, I am able to see better where preach my gospel scriptures are and it's a nice way of marking also I have a list of go to scripture s this helps me reach out to other scriptures and widen my knowledge. Sister Wang seemed to like the ideas as when we were at the bookshop she picked up some hopefully they can help her too.
Last p day we went to Piccadilly to China town to get noodles I have been getting taught how to cook Chinese food, it's so good and not to hard to make lots of flavour.

I have also been to the G P this week and they are sending me to a MSK physician whatever that means ? I see him tomorrow so.... We will see ....
Um the best moment this week would be the temple I really love the temple and have grow to love it more and more I am grateful we can go so often .
The worst - crazy weather, tracking in the rain...... whoo whoo....
it's really a lot of fun ....and we will be blessed for it .

I have been so sleepy recently so I am trying to eat better, exercise better to try and get some more energy . I love you all so much be good and have lots of fun x

 That's about the excitement this week have a wonderful week full of blessing and miracles bye"

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