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Missionary Monday 16th November 2015

"Hi everyone how are you this week hope you are well things are progressing well here.

The best thing this week is when Jenny our miracle from last week accepted a baptism date she is so excited and is planning her baptism she asked people to speak she is an active participant in classes and asks us questions and has promised to stop smoking and changes teas just because she has felt at home here in Workington branch .I love these people and I am amaze...d at there faith an example to me we are preparing a baptism for the 28th Jenny was even looking at the baptismal clothing to check sizes and we are like hold on take you time there still things to teach you.

Tony was amazing and it breaks my heart to here he is struggling and Jenny is a high flying rocket still a little bit off my goal but with the appearance of Jenny coming out of nowhere I know that everything happen when the Lord Is ready I love being a missionary I know who I am I know my Lord God has a plan and I have been called to help him in his work what an honour and a privilege he is always by my side helping me though all things even the things that are scary he never gives up on me I will try to never let go of his hand is it not amazing the power of our God his love glorious.

The weather was crazy still is the past nine days hurricane has dance on us with the rain but even that wasn't a bad thing I love being a mission no bad thing this week our numbers are a bit low but nothing that can't be sorted with working just a bit harder. We also had amazing exchange sister harp came up to Workington which was nice to spent time with her I think she was surprised how long it takes to get back home from Lancaster but it was fun and we taught Jenny first lesson together it was a powerful lesson and her friend was there and took a Book of Mormon and asked question hopeful she will come to Jenny baptism .

Um it was nice getting to know sister harp better and making her a Scottish dish called stovies and her eating it for dinner and then breakfast so I guess she likes it . I feel a lot of peace this week which is nice sister Nagy is wonderful and has a lot of faith but seem to doubt herself I guess because a lot of people have answered her questions with you don't have the faith or make s her feel weaker I am amazed at what she can do I love this time with her I hope you enjoy you week .love you all smile always xxxxxxxxx

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