Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 9th of November 2015

Missionary Monday Update from Sister Peden

"big news a week after transfer sister Hunea was emergency transferred to Rossendale Vally in Chorley zone and sister Nagy (said like nudge) from hungry came to Workington .. fun she is really nice we got the call on Thursday So Bon fire night spent packing and I made Romanian soup yeah and brownies and sister Hunea left Friday morning and sister Nagy got here that evening so we went to see president spencer to see what the game ...plan should be .....also miracle happened on Sunday.... we arrived at church a bit later than normal and when we walked in sister Kelt walked up to us with a lady that I didn't recognise and said here is your new investigator she was taught some of the lesson in Tanwith in the Birmingham mission and would like to learn more and continue on to baptism I turned to this lady who said her name address and phone number and ask when we could come see her and when we could baptism her..... I was like what ? Uh uh uh great ok um um Wednesday we can see you and see how far you have been taught and we will go from there it's great to meet you welcome to Workington ....... so yeah ahhhhhhh wowoooooooo whooooooooo we prayed...... Baptisms please Heavenly Father we will try and find people he said.... I feel sorry for yours here you go a free one yeah xxxxxxxx!!!!!! 
Thank you for the shoulder brace I wear it when I can it helps me hold my position hurts though sad ...need scan, more physio and to see a specialist .....what!!!! /you know I suddenly feel miracles heal... no problem.. no need for any of that I believe in blessing s... thank you for your time bye now mummmmmm!!!!!! Mummy ahhhhhhhh he is trying the ultrasound next Wednesday.

I get on well with sister Nagy we have only had a few days together but I met her before briefly she is super nice and hard working and helps me not freak out about ultrasound as she had it a few time on her leg she as a bad leg I have a bad shoulder the mission breaks you honest yikes but would not have it any other way I love you all so much"

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