Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 6 July 2015

Monday Missionary Update from Sister Peden

 "Hi this weeks been good... nothing to much happened, we did a lot of finding and got two new investigators which is great and had quite a few other
lessons on the spot, as well as quite a few lesson falling though which is sad.....ah well keep going... last week I did another district training which didn't go horrible wrong so all good I love the area. I love my Companion, she always makes me laugh and puts up with the fact that it takes me a few times to understand what question she asking me... then to think of the answer I'm not the best person to correct English so she will learn scots which
will be fun. 

  The members are really kind and welcoming and Paul is dated for baptism now so yeah good week um 2 less active members we are working with came to church and bore their testimony's after us so that was great as well.

 I have been struggling to focus on my study this week been using my glasses when it gets bad in the flat just feeling more tried then normal will ask for a blessing tomorrow it's been a month an a bit since the last one so will do what president. said get a blessing on a regular basis that should help. I love my morning study they help keep the spirit with us all day and I learn so much I am trying to go though preach my gospel again and do all the activities.

We were even given a special study plan to unite our mission so all good fun um I haven't meet my zone leader yet so that will be fun tomorrow putting a face and name with a voice and that's

about it for this week. hope you enjoy your week bye bye Sister Peden"

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