Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 5th of October 2015

Monday Missionary Update: from Sister Peden

 "This week we worked our hardest and did our best and we waited and the Lord did the rest. This week was good, we went to the lakes on Monday, had a great zone meeting on Tuesday (our district leader was not doing so well - it seems he might go home so everything's seems a bit chaotic we hope and pray he is ok)
Wednesday was my birthday we had a street display and cake and goodies with the Hamilton's and elders from Carlisle so that was lots of fun too the Hamilton's gave me a prezzy of malteasers and some pretty sticky notes which were lovely sister Hunea gave me some face packs and chill out girly stuff which is fun too thank you to you both also I love the 20 things for a 20year old it was fun opening so many and I will use them all thank you so much for a great birthday.

And to end a great week on a high...... general conference

yeah it was amazing..... I love all of it.

My favourite would be president uctdorf "a summer with great aunt rose" I thought that it was amazing to be happy yeah I also liked "desire to inspire not
simply to impress" and president Eyreing talk on "claiming the right to the Holy Ghost" I know I will continue to learn from this conference I can't wait till the conference ensign comes out so I can study it I love the words of Thomas S Monson our beloved prophet, always gives me the drive to try and fly a little higher I hope you all enjoyed it too.

oh I will shared I miracle with you on Friday we were heading home and decided to talk to one more person and he listened called a friend and the friend wanted to know more and called a friend and all three plus another 1 friend meet us after the women's conference we taught the restoration and the three came Saturday morning conference and brought three more friends yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh I love conference !!!

I love you all thanks for the cards and money and all you love and
prayers thank you for your faith and support I pray you all enjoy you
week bye bye thanks for everything xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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