Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 3rd of August 2015

Hi I hope you all enjoyed you week this week great.The best

experience this week would be last night we met up with an investigator and we travelled 3 hrs in a car to go to the Manchester fireside he seemed to like it ,I felt a bit torn on attention as lots of people from Runcorn were there and shouting me and tony was there I got his postcode so I can write him now . he seem to be doing well i didn't really now what to say at the same time I was trying to focus on Jason the investigator we brought and he like to move so trying to keep an eye on him was hard as I still wanted everyone to now I still care about them to , it was the best feeling ever seeing everyone and the spirit was great I am so glad to be staying in Workington with sister Cardoso she is great and I learn from her everyday the members are amazing and do there best they are all so kind and willing to serve which is amazing .i am restarting the Book of Mormon trying out a different way to study she how it goes my headaches come and go more so when I have had lots of sugar so trying to cut back and were my glasses in the flat um its nice and cool up here near the border and it nice to see the sea every time we are on the train the not so thing that happen this week was just before we took of to go to the fireside we were supposed to go with another investigator as well but something was wrong he seem slightly drunk and had such a sad look in his eye he came an hour earlier than everyone else so waited and then just as the last person arrived he said I waited a long time and we are not going anywhere I will just leave it today and he left we said we are just going now but something in his eyes said he was gone I while ago it's sad he was so happy every time he meet with Us But cut us out for a few weeks and he seem far gone now hopefully he will come back it the gospel that brings happiness though Jesus Christ everything fade but this happiness last for eternity apart from that all good doing lots of finding this week so good fun enjoy you week I love being a missionary hard to believe that in a few days it be my half way mark (thanks for the reminder mum I love ya ) thank s everybody for all you prayers and everything you all do for me thanks for the emails and for always being great yours are all amazing examples too me love ya s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bye bye Sister Peden

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