Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 27th July 2015

I am doing great, the weather is a bit damp but it feels like home on Wednesday we had a church historical tour which was great  it was nice to see all the places that the first missionaries lived and had amazing experience we even got to see were president Hinckley wrote his letter to his dad giving up and where he received the replay forget yourself and get to work  it was amazing I am glad you are keeping busy and I hope you s have fun on holiday to Craig Tara 

 The best experience would be seeing were the first baptisms were, our mission version of the waters of Mormon where many people came to a knowledge of their God it was beautiful and felt amazing and gets better as you remember it I have noticed the most spiritual experience s happen as you look back on where you've been rather than right at that moment as it felt peaceful and calm but my mind was being pushed by take this pic Sister Peden come here join this picture rather than what was there but now as I look back and block out the noise I see more of what I saw but didn't see at the time and feel what I felt but did't notice then what an amazing place I would like to go there again with yous one day I am going to look for my waters of Mormon on my mission and as I remember the past and hope for the future.

The worst would be not being able to get in contact with some people who are so close they just need to wake up and see the God has  been beside then the whole time

Most interesting thing to eat this week was Curry with sister Williams 

Nothin we are fasting ,would be the worst thing my body has had to eat but my spirit enjoyed it

 Yes I did thanks I gave elder tegel and Minster some pop tart there were a little sad the other day thank you so much sister Cardoso loved  the lolly pop 

Yesterday we taught someone named Jason he is really nice and want to find some genuine people who  care and want to help fix his family that just went though a breakup but it was a good lesson on the plan of salvation I did have some memorised but now I forgot I will send you a screen shot of the scriptures and see if you creative genius can help I would appreciate it so much this  p day we are having a nap...yeah last p day we needed to do some shopping and packing to go to the historical tour so last week was boring but next week we are going to the aquarium yeah we going to see the fishes yeah xxxxx 

Move call is on the 5 so next week yikes ,district meeting tomorrow I am doing the ice breaker agin so happy not a training tee hee, zone meeting not till after moves so 2 and a bit weeks

My best laugh is on Friday sister Cardoso got bird popped on  her face it was so funny she was frozen during our 5hour street display the longest one we had without a break nearly killed us all and sister Cardoso coat was washing and I just forgot mine as I drift see her put hers on I thought it was warmer but I was not to bother it was chilly and the wind didn't help but she was blue poor sister Cardoso tee hee I am so mean but it was so funny she was this is so that birds fault  brrrrrrr I love you so much tell Hannah I am so proud of her I am looking forward to reading her talk have a good week love yous all xxxxxxxxx miss yous xxxxthanks for every thing xxxxxxxxx

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