Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 24th of August 2015

I have had an interesting week I was ask too give a training I really
hate being asked I get really nervous but I am so grateful for it I
learned so much by preparing for it even if I didn't really have the
time to do what I felt should have been done   But I know it was
really for me after all  we did service this week some less active s
really needed some help and as we worked together we got to know each
other better and it was the most fun cleaning ever this week I have
gained a new appreciation for the small things even though I am not
very good at street contacts  and could work on train and bus too
though my study and though little thought that come when bearing my
testimony to family on Mondays or others I have felt the spirt every
know and then even more so on days that are hard  I know he's there
and watching me and helping me though on Sunday sister Duffy gave
amazing talk on how Heavenly Father is real our father is was simple
and made me look at things a bit differently which was nice  I love
being a missionary can't believe I am half way through already yikes
too fast  The best thing I have learned all always be the god loves me
and you he is our Heavenly Father who cares so much that he is always
by our side begging us to follow his son he is there always trying to
help but not forcing us to listens watching  attentively over all his
children many days he weeps for us many day he rejoice s for us never
has he left us though many times I think he should I will never
understand the love he has for me nor why he works so hard with me it
breaks my heart when people say that he not there can't they feel
there very hearts and souls calling to him when lost or scared sad or
burden he s there and though his son our burdens are light those lost
are found those sad receive peace those scared are comfort have you
ever looked up to the star filled sky or even in the  pouring rain
wether it be day or night took a minute a deep breath and smiled  at
him I can promise you that he will smile back he is our father and
when we understand that fact perfectly all things  become bright  xxxx
I love you so much xxxxx

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