Tuesday, 10 November 2015

missionary monday 21st of September 2015

Hi everybody how are you this week . We are doing well this week I started at the beginning of the New Testament as I have stared serval time s but get distracted from it by wanting to look at some thing else um I have also be studying hope this week reading the pmg scriptures and looking up and marking some of my own this gospel really is beautiful and perfect I will try to develop hope more. The week as I study another Christ like attribute as I can clearly see that they all link I have studied faith and having a hope is similar as hope grows to faith and faith grows to knowledge I love learning new thing though sometimes struggle to put things in practice but will keep practicing hopefully I will get there one day . Sister Hunea is amazing she is open and kind and wants to do her best and learn it seem like she had it hard but is pushing forward in faith . I wish I had her courage as she helps me conquer my fears of talking to teenage people she also care about the little things she asked the district leader if we could do something for my birthday together which is nice as I was planning not to do much about it she is really sweet and I love serving with her I know this transfer will be wonderful oh on Sunday a man named Philip walked in and sat though sacrament and said he would come next week to so we can teach him Then so that's great yeah xxx he spoke with our branch mission leader a few weeks ago outside one day and came so lots of fun yeah the members recognised he was new and was the fellowship ing him and waving us over there are some wonderful members here they all try hard to help I love them very much are other investigators are not progressing so we are refreshing our teaching pool and hopeful we will see 2 baptism s this transfer here in Workington I love being a missionary I can always feel my saviours love for me and for the people of England (Scotland is still the best) but I love England too xxxx I know the we are all love by Heavenly Father and he never leave us alone isn't that wonderful I hope you enjoy you week

Bye bye

From sister Peden

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