Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 20th July 2015

"My week has been really good, doing more street displays, they are hard
but kinda fun sometimes too...... we had a Chinese meal with the district after one which was good. Sister Cardoso is an amazing singer and when she sings it feels nice fills me with peace, I am trying to have the spirit with me always and listen to what it says I am still working on my listening skills.

The branch is so hard working, they are a little discouraged as no one has been baptised for a while and a lot of people are leaving the area, out rather than coming in, so they are always thankful for all our efforts Sister Cardoso is always smiling and laughing with me, Always doing her best, she is a great example to me but I know the Lord will provide a way and we will be rewarded for our efforts and someday soon we will meet someone who will be baptised and the others will follow so it will be raining miracles...... soon. I hope you had a good week have an even better one this week bye
Love ya xxxxx thanks for all you do xxxxxx"

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