Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 17th of August 2015

Hi everybody how are you  all it has been great to hear how you all
are doing I hope you have all enjoyed the summer  i know I have
despite the heat. this week was great much better than last and we
found some new investigators who seem really good . This week  I
learned well 2days ago I was ask to give a training for tomorrow on
faith is the power sister Cardoso gave a training on faith not
district meeting passed but the one before so I need to say something
else so I look up lots about faith most of which I already knew and
nothin felt right when we were walking sister Cradoso starting talking
about something that reminded me of the talk grace that I have read
like 7 times but while responding to what sister Cardoso was saying I
saw faith differently faith is the power by which we can do all things
we teach it first in the gospels because without faith we cannot
access the atonement our sins are paid for all ready  but we try our
best in order to feel comfortable and confident in the presence of out
Heavenly Father so we need faith in order to have the power to want to
change or repent  and to then want to make covenants with him which
helps our faith increase as it dose our desire and ability to change
grow we want to change repent so we are worthy for the Holy Ghost
which lead guide and comforts our heart strengths our faith and desire
to change so repent become more like Christ and the to endure to the
end internalised theses changes and makes them who we are so though
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we have the power to become as he .he
redeemed a fallen world and gave all who have faith even the size of a
mustered seed the chance to change and to learn the characteristic s
of our father so reaching our Devine potential no longer being a
fallen creature but a son /daughter of God faith is the power that
links us to the atonement to grace and save us to his kingdom by faith
we can do all things . Sister Cardoso is really great example to me
she is always striving to be obedient and gives her all to everything
I am so proud to be her companion she helps me understand so much the
branch is great as always they do there best and I know the Lord see
our efforts and will bless us all have a good week  everybody enjoy
the sun while it last and if it's not sunny where you are you are so
lucky  i read a talk I think called gratitude where the wrote down a
list of 1000 thing to be great full for  I am going to try to gather a
list to so please send me you suggestion what are you all grateful for
this week good luck and have there is alway at least 20 reasons to
smile love you all  bye bye till next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From sister Peden
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