Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 14th of September 2015

Monday Missionary Update :

"Hi every body

 I hope you are well, this week has been interesting but at the same time nothing much happened we finally got a street display in Workington and we got a few names only really two good and we haven't been able to teach them properly yet.  Michelle still not coming to church and still not committed despite all attempts Rob is here and there and when every we get an investigator close to baptism they disappear then reappear weeks later ...wanting nothing to do with us and finding has been slow as well.  

 I hope and pray we will have a baptism this transfer better yet 2 sister Cardozo is really great we have such fun sometimes and have made many memories so that great I love her to bits will miss her.

   I have learned a lot despite the slow down around here I have faith that there are miracles around the corner and soon we will see the Lords hand, bring many to us and he will teach them and they will feel his power and love. I just need to be patient and do my best I am excited to meet my new companion and to see what she thinks about this wonderful place. The members are as wonderful as ever and I love them very much I hope you enjoy your week and that you are always surrounded by miracle s

Life is like a roller coaster, some ups some downs
mostly rounds and rounds
Life is like a race to run, some fast some slow
some victor crown,some uneven ground
Life is a road one travel's
Some deep sleeping valleys and mighty
mountain climbs
Life is always different no two days the same
so don't miss a moment quick the clock chimes.
I love you all enjoy your week
From sister Peden

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