Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Missionary Monday 13th July 2015

"Hi, I hope you enjoyed your week, we had a great week, we found a great new investigator, Joan. She is great, she is older and so nice. She pretty much thinks there should be a prophet now and we haven't taught the restoration yet! so she great and we are excited, she is so prepared. We will see her again next Thursday as she has family coming over this Thursday but she was happy we came and looks forward to us coming back again.

  Sister Cardoso and I are doing great, she laugh's at me, I laugh at her ...going well we all laugh together. Being happy is a hobby that everybody should take up. 
The branch is great, they try their best and we are having a class to get them ready to be part of the street display, so that will be good. We went to see a lovely member who was not feeling so well but she has a heart of gold, I have never met anyone so pure in heart as her (except one who is practical her twin back home) I hope when I am that age or not well I can act as she does.   It is clear her strength comes from the Lord.
Sister Cardoso is an amazing missionary, always trying her hardest desperately trying to change for the better. She is also a wonderful example to me I wish she could see it in herself too. um I am doing the preach my gospel study, every now and then I slip behind and do catch up, also I am reading in Genisus it's nice to read all the story's I remember being taught and reading before and then remembering it was all in the same book. well I hope you enjoy you week and find lots of reasons to smile bye bye "


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