Sunday, 7 June 2015

Missionary Monday 4th May 2015

"This week we had to go to Morton for a district meeting.  It was good, we made a cake like a badge for elder Parry's last district meeting.   The meeting was really good, it focused on being bold in inviting to keep commitments.  We did a lot of tracking this week. Didn't get much response though, sad but I have high hopes for John coming to church on Sunday.  Jessica's lesson's are a bit all over the place because she is so busy, need to try and make them more regular but her boyfriend might join her in the lessons so good good.

We have started to get some referals every now and then so that's good too.  Tony was so excited about the fireside, he even practised at church on fast and testimony Sunday. W e will talk with the bishop to see if he can get an interveiw for the priesthood soon.  The meeting on Saturday was great, lots of things I need to do first before we get ipads now but excited to get started.

ummm members are great as always everyone was surprised myself include that I was staying but there must something I need to do here.   I will miss the Shaws they really help me a lot but still excited about this new transfer hopeful we will have another baptism  soon.  um well that about it,  Sister Nedyalkova and I are great will miss her but we will be friends for a long time I think I hope you have a great week bye

 lang may yer lum reek"

Sister Peden

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