Sunday, 7 June 2015

Missionary Monday 27th April 2015

 "This week has been great,   I am still having fun.  Yesterday we tried by a less active sister named Quweith and her non member husband John who has been anti church most of his life.  We had an amazing lesson which was so lead by the Spirt as we had not planned to see them, they both cried. i didn't..... yeah me.   The spirit was so strong, I committed them to read and pray so they would know the truth and to be able to forgive those who have hurt him.   I was sharp and told of my experience with people, church and school many of which I didn't even tell you.   I told him that alone we can't let go of our pride to forgive but with the Saviour who forgives all it is possible.   They invited us back for dinner and want to come to church, both his suggestion.   He cried again and said out of the hundred of missionary's that have come, never has one been as sharp as me or as soft as sister nedyalkova.     I don't think we did anything in that lesson but the Holy Ghost taught and it was beautiful.
Tony is getting ready for the priesthood which is great and Jackie is starting to slowly progress again.   The members are great as always and Sister Neyalkova and I  are getting along great.   Things  are on the turn numbers of lessons have been low however are finally staring to pick up so we must be getting better at something.
So all good good i hope you have a great week bye"

Sister R Peden
pday relaxation fun

well, maybe not so much fun....

Sister N in runcorn

Sister N in runcorn

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