Monday, 15 June 2015

Missionary Monday 15th June 2015

Missionary Monday: 
"it was good fun being in a trio for some time, hard though, tried to work out who would speak when in the end  up one would do most of the speaking and the others would chip in but we got better and better at it so it was a surprised when Sister Ryser  was called to Chorley.   We will miss her its great in Wrexham very warm though I really don't like the heat very much at all but with sun cream I'm not burnt yet.......
yeah sister brill is amazing she knows the area better than she thinks and she gets stressed out about the buses but she is doing so well I am so impressed by her patience and kindness even when the bishop called us in to his office and asked why we were not at the garden party..... we told him about the street display planed last minute in Chester we had to go to he was upset that we didn't call him.We all apoligised  for missing the party and offered to help in any way we could. He is a great bishop and we love him he is really good for the ward........
um the meeting on tuesday was great I learnt a lot and it helped me for prepareing a training in district meeting..... well wish me luck with that I hope you have a good week bye"

sister Peden

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Loudoun Hill Memorial

My husband Sean is a historical re enactor and this was one of his displays at Loudoun Hill in 2014. (He is a monk)

Boys Brigade Graduation 2015

Highlights from Adam's Boys Brigade Graduation Parade 2015.

Seminary Graduation and Gold and Green Ball 2015

This year was a tough one for Hanna whilst participating in seminary, sickness of her teacher and his family meant she had to do a good lot of the work herself and she did it... so we are very proud of her determination to get through this years seminary and see it through to the end.

Missionary Monday 1st June 2015

Missionary Monday:

 Sis Peden didn't get much time to email this week however she did tell us a little about her new ward

"there are about 60 members in Wrexham very similar to Ayr ward with the tables going under the stage at the back the culture hall has carpet as well its slightly smaller then Ayr so it nice, a lot smaller than Runcorn. It's a small town similar to Irvine but smaller but the area is pretty big 30 min bus ride to some of our area and the buses come every hour. Lots of nature, trees and walks and little estates. The church is on one with two other churches on either side half a football field distance apart"

Missionary Monday 18th May 2015

Finally heard from Sister Peden today....

"this week was great we aimed high and even though we didn't quite meet all our goals we soared higher than before. I have learned so much this week, about being more time conscious and patient with myself and others.

  I have also been looking at the life of Christ and trying harder to use the footnotes too. It change's the whole verse and it make so much more sense.

 I love Runcorn so much and am grateful for my time here. The members have taught me so much and helped me grow. I hope I have changed in my behaviour and attitude as well as in my knowledge and love for the gospel. 

  I really enjoyed hiking snowdon (which is why she could not email her mother !) even though my legs are killing me now, it was so much fun and I really am making friends Sister Brimley is great and is helping my understanding to grow about many things.

 I am looking forward to going to Wexham and what the future may bring I hope you have a great week bye"......

as you can tell Sister Peden is leaving Runcorn Ward for Wexham tomorrow (Wednesday) I am so grateful to all those who have helped her in the mission field and hope and pray that we will al be able to keep in touch ....

Missionary Monday 27th May 2015

Sister Peden's Missionary update:

  "This week has been interesting, I moved to Wrexham on Wednesday and that was fun, stressful because of good old fashion packing.... good fun.

   Its kind of strange being in a trio companionship but fun. I will get used to not knowing where I am and what the signs say quite quickly...... hopefully. The members seem nice trying to get to know the members faster than in Runcorn, I know that working with the members is the best way to reach new people to teach I am really excited to work here.

 It was fun with sister Brimley, I learned a lot in two weeks we were companions.  She is really great I am so glad to be Sister Riser companion, I always loved our exchange and had so much fun she really teaches me a lot, sister Brill is wonderful too she has such a strong testimony and such courage so I love being with them more and more. 

 It was great to meet N and J just before their baptism.  They really are amazing.

we don't have much time as we are sharing computer time as I can't get a card yet but I am looking forward to what the future brings.   oh and I think I found a mission motto it is a phrase I haven't read in ages since way before I started but it keeps going over and over in my head it makes me smile so its 


I hope you had a good week love you all bye bye sorry I haven't had the chance to reply to everyone will do more next week
met sister Warren at preston temple on one of my p days

found a photo of Sister N and Sister Peden

Goodbye photo of Runcorn football team

Missionary Monday 4th May 2015

"This week we had to go to Morton for a district meeting.  It was good, we made a cake like a badge for elder Parry's last district meeting.   The meeting was really good, it focused on being bold in inviting to keep commitments.  We did a lot of tracking this week. Didn't get much response though, sad but I have high hopes for John coming to church on Sunday.  Jessica's lesson's are a bit all over the place because she is so busy, need to try and make them more regular but her boyfriend might join her in the lessons so good good.

We have started to get some referals every now and then so that's good too.  Tony was so excited about the fireside, he even practised at church on fast and testimony Sunday. W e will talk with the bishop to see if he can get an interveiw for the priesthood soon.  The meeting on Saturday was great, lots of things I need to do first before we get ipads now but excited to get started.

ummm members are great as always everyone was surprised myself include that I was staying but there must something I need to do here.   I will miss the Shaws they really help me a lot but still excited about this new transfer hopeful we will have another baptism  soon.  um well that about it,  Sister Nedyalkova and I are great will miss her but we will be friends for a long time I think I hope you have a great week bye

 lang may yer lum reek"

Sister Peden

Missionary Monday 27th April 2015

 "This week has been great,   I am still having fun.  Yesterday we tried by a less active sister named Quweith and her non member husband John who has been anti church most of his life.  We had an amazing lesson which was so lead by the Spirt as we had not planned to see them, they both cried. i didn't..... yeah me.   The spirit was so strong, I committed them to read and pray so they would know the truth and to be able to forgive those who have hurt him.   I was sharp and told of my experience with people, church and school many of which I didn't even tell you.   I told him that alone we can't let go of our pride to forgive but with the Saviour who forgives all it is possible.   They invited us back for dinner and want to come to church, both his suggestion.   He cried again and said out of the hundred of missionary's that have come, never has one been as sharp as me or as soft as sister nedyalkova.     I don't think we did anything in that lesson but the Holy Ghost taught and it was beautiful.
Tony is getting ready for the priesthood which is great and Jackie is starting to slowly progress again.   The members are great as always and Sister Neyalkova and I  are getting along great.   Things  are on the turn numbers of lessons have been low however are finally staring to pick up so we must be getting better at something.
So all good good i hope you have a great week bye"

Sister R Peden
pday relaxation fun

well, maybe not so much fun....

Sister N in runcorn

Sister N in runcorn

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