Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Missionary Monday Mar 9th 2015

Another missionary update from our Sister Ruth Peden

 "we are doing great, sister nedyalkova and I are getting along well everyday is fun we have worked very hard this week. We loved the temple trip, it was great to do baptisms. Oh we also found some less actives while track ting they are really nice and said we could come by and see them again. They are a lovely young family, oh and we also found a young family who are interested in learning more about the church so its been a great week. The members are doing great too we had an older lady come out with us and she love it, even though all our appointments fell though. Its great how the members are getting involved with missionary work I hope you have a good week too bye xxxxxxx "

   Sister Peden has been increasing her culinary skills and has added curry to her repertoire


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