Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Missionary Monday March 30th 2015

Monday Update from Sister Ruth Peden

  "This week has been up and down, not so much success in the first three days then it started to pick up. We had some amazing lessons, so yep good, good. Sister Nedyakova is great we are both doing fine, she even survied my cooking and said she liked it. The members are still feeding us and helping us at every opportunity. Tony's baptism has been moved to the 9th the day after transfers so I'm a bit scared that I'll miss it. The ward council is stepping in and working hard to help him we are now trying to have him have lesson at the homes of members more often so he can make friends, we are so proud and excited for him.

I have been studying faith and I have nearly finished the Book of Mormon cover to cover, actually reading not listening to it. First time ever! yeah! i was looking at the faith of the brother of jared and how the Lord could hide nothing from his view because of his faith he could move mountains. Also reading the rather graphic death of Shiz by Coriantumr. Well I hope you all have a great week. bye"

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