Tuesday, 31 March 2015

missionary Monday March 23rd 2015

"This week was a great week.  Sister Nedyalkova is great, she is really helping me a lot.  We are getting better at teaching together and are becoming good friends.  The ward are doing really well, it is just hard to get them motivated to do that little bit more, the Book of Mormon Class is struggling but we have hopes that next week will be better.  We are trying. This week, I have been trying to make my prayers more sincere and really search out for my answers.  We are a wee bit worried about grant as we called to see if he could come to football, when he answered he seemed worried about something, he said something came up, he will tell us later and we haven't been able to get in contact with him again but here's to being hopeful.  Tony had a mix up with tea so we have pushed back his date till the 9th of April. He is still excited and determined to keep going even though phyisical complications are making it harder.  He is doing so well, we are so proud of him. Well  I hope you have a good week bye love yas all"
Sister R Peden
England Manchester Mission


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