Monday, 2 March 2015

2 March 2015 Missionary Update

Monday Missionary Update:

  "hi every one last time I forgot to tell you about my exchange with sister burrage which was great I really love her lots I learned how to better bus contact and how to keep on smiling even though we are tired. sister neyalkcova and I are doing well trying to improve time management and organisation um still studying charity also looking into the power of fasting and pray as well as thinking about things I am grateful for and trying to focus on what I have in prayers instead of what I want which is really quite hard since I automatically think me, me, me, or my investigators or my companion so trying to think more of his children, his everything, so I will let you know how that goes um we have be trying hard to do at least 2 hrs. of tracking a day as well as popping by potentials more often and trying to help them become investigators um also need to work on my faith and try harder with trust because I think I got told off yesterday as I was convince a man named ben would not come and meet us at the town hall in the rain and he didn't seem that interested he won't come well he came and he stood there with us shivering had a lesson took a book of Mormon and set up another time to meet as he walked away I thought Oh YE OF LITTEL FAITH so fun I feel like I am getting told off a lot but I think that a good thing might be getting better at this um slowly progressing I hope you have a great week bye Sister Peden"

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