Monday, 16 February 2015

Update from Sister Peden 17 February 2015

MONDAY UPDATE FROM SISTER PEDEN: "I hope you are all doing well, we are doing great. The members are fantastic as always, we have been meeting lots of interesting people this week and have been learning to use the scriptures more often. Remembering scriptures is a nightmare but I have managed a few not quite daily but trying aiming for one a week then will try 2 a week and so forth to get up to daily. Nearly finished 12 weeks kind a scary. I have been learning so from Sister Warren, we were talking about how like the spirit charity is. Like a torch being shined though a clean glass tube, how the light is just as bright at either end so Christ love flows through us to the people we speak to if we are clean and worthy. We were also practising teaching to understanding so its been a great week. Sister Warren's great I love her. yep well I hope you have a good week too, bye
from sister peden

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