Monday, 16 February 2015

Sister Peden's mission report 9 February 2015

-- "  how are you I am fantastic!  Tony is making great progress.  he is keeping his commitment which is great.   We have spoken to Donna several times, she keeps missing appointments but we are not giving up on her.  Jackie is coming to the Book of Mormon Class we set up but is still struggling to recognise her answers.   We have not been able to see dorathy as she is unwell so we have been doing a lot of tracking..... fun.  We have met some lovely people and had a great week.   The members are still as wonderful as always trying to find time to feed or come out with us.

Sister Warren is great I am learning a lot from her I am always grateful for her hard work.   I have been enjoying the the charity study I think "The Great Commandment" is my favourite talk so far...... nearly finished 12 weeks... yikes doesn't feel that long.... um ok well it's been great I hope you have had a good week.

 sister peden

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