Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sister Peden's mission report 19 Jan 2015

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Sister Warren and Sister Peden




 Sister Ruth Peden
19 January 2015 11:34:03

-- this week has been great we have reached then pass our goal form other lession which is fantastic and i am starting to know my way around so thats good we have given our selfs a refferal challeng that just ended today we have ask 50 peopel for reffeals most people we meet on the street or traking but we asked  a few members we would have asked more but we did't have many tea appoments but we did get 4 new inveagators from it so that great we also met our new invesagator goal to. we are worried about jimmy he has been going out and about reccenty which is great but he has missed 3 appontments and one of the members have been poping by the message we left him had fallen and was left we dont know if he been out and not come home orhe was in and ingronared which is strage its not like him we had a lession with joise the other day and she was asking us questions which is good we were also abilly to meet up with jakcie finaly so its been a good week i have been studying praying with a siceary heart and real intent the pass few days and all the talks on sunday and in rs were taking about it too i got lots of notes and am trying to appliy the things i learn. sister warren and i are doing well she is a great teacher and is very paienty with me i can tell she get anoned when i dont understand somethings and it takes up most of 12 weeks but i am glad she takes the time to go over the simpel stuff the members are doing great ever egar to help the work which is fantasic and runcorn is great i love being a missionary even when its hard i hope you are well you and sister ulrich are always in our prayers have a great week bye

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