Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sister Peden Mission Report 26 Jan 2015



 Sister Ruth Peden


26 January 2015 11:39:03

hi  this week has been slow all most of our appointments fell though so we did SC and Tracking for most of the week with little success no one really responded we were lucky if some doors opened but it has been a good week of reflecting and trying to improve we had a fantastic week last week so we can't expect every week to be great we have learned a lot especial when sister warren and I were talking in-between everything some of the questions which I have had for a long time have been answered and now I know what I need to do to come closer to my saviour and to more fully relied on his grace we have given jimmy to the elders he has been getting really attached to us instead of the gospel and he got really drunk one night and said some things that concern us plus he gets upset that we cant always come in so the elder may be able to do more than we can oh we did get one new investigator named tony while we were tracking he said we could come back we did we then taught him the restoration with Sam which was fantastic definitely the highlight of the week sister warren and I are doing great we have a lot of fun some crazy role plays to prepare us for anything I have been studying charity and humility which has been interesting helping me look at things differently but all and all a good week hope you have had a good week too oh yeah went to phisoy this week and have been doing all the stretches its helping a bit need to look for a lighter bag to and trying to change the way I sleep all fun things I have seen way too many 2/3 o clocks when I don't need to so getting there hope you have a nice day and are having fun too

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