Monday, 16 February 2015

New Post update from Sister Peden 2 Feb 2015

 "It's been a good week we met some nice new potentials while tracking, tony our new investigator from last week is dated for baptism and came to church on Sunday as well as the fireside and wants to come to the book of Mormon class we start on Tuesday...... yeah um Jackie is struggling to trust the feelings she gets and does not recognise her answers so we are doing what we can. Dorothy is struggling to read the book of Mormon so we are inviting her to Book of Mormon class maybe that will help but so far so good. 

Sister Warren is wonderful as always she has been leaving me notes every where... in my planner... in my purse... in my preach my gospel... sometimes I wonder how she does it so sneakily or maybe my observation skills are tragic.   I have left notes all over the flat too, so it's funny.  

I am trying hard to memorise scriptures some I get so close just the some words are never in the right order.   I am learning a lot and really enjoying the charity study. The members are wonderful as always trying so hard to help us which is fantastic"

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