Monday, 23 February 2015

Missionary update 23/2/15

Monday Missionary Update from our Ruthie "Hope you are having a great week everything is great here.

Sister Warren has been wonderful we finished our first 12 weeks I have really learned a lot but feel I need to learn a lot more. The charity study is great I really like Elaine Jacks talk. The members are still fantastic, different people are feeding us now so that's good and we are reaching out to the young women and primary to get refferals and build better relationships.... We have been trying by less active members which is a nice change and they seem to appreciate the visit which is nice. 

  Oh sister Burrage and I went on exchanges this week it was great I learned about keeping bus and train contacting natural and more about trusting in the lord. so its been a really good week also we went to district meeting in Morton instead of Runcorn and got a little lost which was quite an adventure. I hope you have a great week bye " 

next week are exchanges Ruth will be getting a new companion in Runcorn sister nedyalkova from Bulgaria. she was at the mtc with Ruth also she was in her team when they won the olympic sports day (pictures below)

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