Monday, 23 February 2015

Missionary update 23/2/15

Monday Missionary Update from our Ruthie "Hope you are having a great week everything is great here.

Sister Warren has been wonderful we finished our first 12 weeks I have really learned a lot but feel I need to learn a lot more. The charity study is great I really like Elaine Jacks talk. The members are still fantastic, different people are feeding us now so that's good and we are reaching out to the young women and primary to get refferals and build better relationships.... We have been trying by less active members which is a nice change and they seem to appreciate the visit which is nice. 

  Oh sister Burrage and I went on exchanges this week it was great I learned about keeping bus and train contacting natural and more about trusting in the lord. so its been a really good week also we went to district meeting in Morton instead of Runcorn and got a little lost which was quite an adventure. I hope you have a great week bye " 

next week are exchanges Ruth will be getting a new companion in Runcorn sister nedyalkova from Bulgaria. she was at the mtc with Ruth also she was in her team when they won the olympic sports day (pictures below)

Monday, 16 February 2015

General Conference Care Package

Worth of Soles care Package

Update from Sister Peden 17 February 2015

MONDAY UPDATE FROM SISTER PEDEN: "I hope you are all doing well, we are doing great. The members are fantastic as always, we have been meeting lots of interesting people this week and have been learning to use the scriptures more often. Remembering scriptures is a nightmare but I have managed a few not quite daily but trying aiming for one a week then will try 2 a week and so forth to get up to daily. Nearly finished 12 weeks kind a scary. I have been learning so from Sister Warren, we were talking about how like the spirit charity is. Like a torch being shined though a clean glass tube, how the light is just as bright at either end so Christ love flows through us to the people we speak to if we are clean and worthy. We were also practising teaching to understanding so its been a great week. Sister Warren's great I love her. yep well I hope you have a good week too, bye
from sister peden

Sister Peden's mission report 9 February 2015

-- "  how are you I am fantastic!  Tony is making great progress.  he is keeping his commitment which is great.   We have spoken to Donna several times, she keeps missing appointments but we are not giving up on her.  Jackie is coming to the Book of Mormon Class we set up but is still struggling to recognise her answers.   We have not been able to see dorathy as she is unwell so we have been doing a lot of tracking..... fun.  We have met some lovely people and had a great week.   The members are still as wonderful as always trying to find time to feed or come out with us.

Sister Warren is great I am learning a lot from her I am always grateful for her hard work.   I have been enjoying the the charity study I think "The Great Commandment" is my favourite talk so far...... nearly finished 12 weeks... yikes doesn't feel that long.... um ok well it's been great I hope you have had a good week.

 sister peden


Camel Pose

Sun Salutation


Curvy Pigeon

Savasana (corpse pose) for big butts

Seated Forward Bend

Warrior 1

Revolved Triangle

Morning Wake Up Practice

Curvy Restorative Butterfly

Down Dog

Yoga twists - moving your belly out of the way

Wheel Pose


Modifications for child's pose (balasana)

Half Moon


DIY Curvy Flow

Extended Hand to Big Toe

Curvy Eagle

Curvy Twists

Curvy Child's Pose

Curvy Boat

Curvy Restorative Forward Bend

Curvy Holiday Yoga on the Go

Pigeon Pose Modifications

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) Yoga Modifications for Plus Size / Large...

New Post update from Sister Peden 2 Feb 2015

 "It's been a good week we met some nice new potentials while tracking, tony our new investigator from last week is dated for baptism and came to church on Sunday as well as the fireside and wants to come to the book of Mormon class we start on Tuesday...... yeah um Jackie is struggling to trust the feelings she gets and does not recognise her answers so we are doing what we can. Dorothy is struggling to read the book of Mormon so we are inviting her to Book of Mormon class maybe that will help but so far so good. 

Sister Warren is wonderful as always she has been leaving me notes every where... in my planner... in my purse... in my preach my gospel... sometimes I wonder how she does it so sneakily or maybe my observation skills are tragic.   I have left notes all over the flat too, so it's funny.  

I am trying hard to memorise scriptures some I get so close just the some words are never in the right order.   I am learning a lot and really enjoying the charity study. The members are wonderful as always trying so hard to help us which is fantastic"

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sister Peden Mission Report 26 Jan 2015



 Sister Ruth Peden


26 January 2015 11:39:03

hi  this week has been slow all most of our appointments fell though so we did SC and Tracking for most of the week with little success no one really responded we were lucky if some doors opened but it has been a good week of reflecting and trying to improve we had a fantastic week last week so we can't expect every week to be great we have learned a lot especial when sister warren and I were talking in-between everything some of the questions which I have had for a long time have been answered and now I know what I need to do to come closer to my saviour and to more fully relied on his grace we have given jimmy to the elders he has been getting really attached to us instead of the gospel and he got really drunk one night and said some things that concern us plus he gets upset that we cant always come in so the elder may be able to do more than we can oh we did get one new investigator named tony while we were tracking he said we could come back we did we then taught him the restoration with Sam which was fantastic definitely the highlight of the week sister warren and I are doing great we have a lot of fun some crazy role plays to prepare us for anything I have been studying charity and humility which has been interesting helping me look at things differently but all and all a good week hope you have had a good week too oh yeah went to phisoy this week and have been doing all the stretches its helping a bit need to look for a lighter bag to and trying to change the way I sleep all fun things I have seen way too many 2/3 o clocks when I don't need to so getting there hope you have a nice day and are having fun too

Sister Peden's mission report 19 Jan 2015

 Sister a, Sister b, Sister warren, Sister Peden

Sister Warren and Sister Peden




 Sister Ruth Peden
19 January 2015 11:34:03

-- this week has been great we have reached then pass our goal form other lession which is fantastic and i am starting to know my way around so thats good we have given our selfs a refferal challeng that just ended today we have ask 50 peopel for reffeals most people we meet on the street or traking but we asked  a few members we would have asked more but we did't have many tea appoments but we did get 4 new inveagators from it so that great we also met our new invesagator goal to. we are worried about jimmy he has been going out and about reccenty which is great but he has missed 3 appontments and one of the members have been poping by the message we left him had fallen and was left we dont know if he been out and not come home orhe was in and ingronared which is strage its not like him we had a lession with joise the other day and she was asking us questions which is good we were also abilly to meet up with jakcie finaly so its been a good week i have been studying praying with a siceary heart and real intent the pass few days and all the talks on sunday and in rs were taking about it too i got lots of notes and am trying to appliy the things i learn. sister warren and i are doing well she is a great teacher and is very paienty with me i can tell she get anoned when i dont understand somethings and it takes up most of 12 weeks but i am glad she takes the time to go over the simpel stuff the members are doing great ever egar to help the work which is fantasic and runcorn is great i love being a missionary even when its hard i hope you are well you and sister ulrich are always in our prayers have a great week bye

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