Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Care Package for my missionary Daughter

I chose to theme my care package on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve, Fresh Starts for the New Year and Burn's Supper so Ruthie can share her Scottish culture with her companion, investigators and members.
We made up some count down packages with things like glow sticks, straws, party Hats, drink umbrellas, bubbles, and party poppers.  On each package I put a printable that I can found HERE.
I also gave a few printables with explainations of our Scottish cultural practices for example Hogmanay, First Footing, singing Auld Langs Syne (with translation)
Fresh Starts
I enclosed things like Fresh toothpaste, toothbrushes, extra fresh gum, mints  and my favourite vanish washing powder to rescue and freshen her washing.

printable can be found HERE
Printable can be found HERE
I also included a talk called The best time to Plant Trees by President Uchtdrof  which is based on fresh starts and not looking back
    and a few new year printables.
Burns Supper
A tin of Haggis (you can't have burns supper without haggis) a copy of Address to a Haggis (and translation) and the Selkirk Grace and a few Scottish themed cartoons for fun.

Finished off with a new photograph we had taken just before Ruth left on her mission and personal letters
I decorated the box by painting the box black and using clip art and double sided sticky tape.

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