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Missionary Monday 12th of October 2015

Hi every one how are you this week was pretty good we did a lot of finding we do lots of street contact but not many every go from there we are working hard and thing s are moving slowly but moving we have been really Luke's with the weather and I love the sisters conference thing it was great so much fun and i learned a lot my family seem to doing well and sister hunea is amazing she is really hard working and want to do her best she has such a powerful testimony and I love her to bits and I know she has a good heart and we just need to work out each other styles of teaching and work on our unity well since we don't really have a day this week this may be a bit shorter as we still need to do shopping I hope you have a good week and that you always have reasons to smile there is always at least one I love this mission I love serving the Lord even when times are slow bye bye from sister Peden

missionary monday 28th of September 2015

Hi everyone how are you this week ,we have had one of the best weeks
ever we worked harder than ever before and had 51 other lessons yeah
and got 6 new investigators which is amazing we are so happy and know
the Lord will bless our efforts we have seen miracles this week yeah
my shoulder is acting up again But that's ok getting help sister
hunea is amazing she is so hard working and full of faith we have had
a few discussion on the rules seem to be a few difference between
zones and some unsure things about what is and is not a rule anymore
but we are starting to go though the new Honour code and we think it
will clarify things I love Workington and I am glad I am here for my
birthday on Wednesday so great this week we have also been branching
out in to the part of our area we have not been to very much so we can
hopefully find people the lord has prepared of us I hope you have had
a great week to I have been studying some of the confreres talks and
am really excited about conference it will be great the members are
wonderful as always and are always doing there best to help there
prayer are really helping and their testimony is so strong the meeting
on Sunday was beautiful . I love being a missionary . Bye bye have a
wonderful week from
Sister Peden I love you all thanks for everything bye will send more
next week we are going to the lakes today for my birthday will send
pics xxxxxxxxxxxx

missionary monday 21st of September 2015

Hi everybody how are you this week . We are doing well this week I started at the beginning of the New Testament as I have stared serval time s but get distracted from it by wanting to look at some thing else um I have also be studying hope this week reading the pmg scriptures and looking up and marking some of my own this gospel really is beautiful and perfect I will try to develop hope more. The week as I study another Christ like attribute as I can clearly see that they all link I have studied faith and having a hope is similar as hope grows to faith and faith grows to knowledge I love learning new thing though sometimes struggle to put things in practice but will keep practicing hopefully I will get there one day . Sister Hunea is amazing she is open and kind and wants to do her best and learn it seem like she had it hard but is pushing forward in faith . I wish I had her courage as she helps me conquer my fears of talking to teenage people she also care about the little things she asked the district leader if we could do something for my birthday together which is nice as I was planning not to do much about it she is really sweet and I love serving with her I know this transfer will be wonderful oh on Sunday a man named Philip walked in and sat though sacrament and said he would come next week to so we can teach him Then so that's great yeah xxx he spoke with our branch mission leader a few weeks ago outside one day and came so lots of fun yeah the members recognised he was new and was the fellowship ing him and waving us over there are some wonderful members here they all try hard to help I love them very much are other investigators are not progressing so we are refreshing our teaching pool and hopeful we will see 2 baptism s this transfer here in Workington I love being a missionary I can always feel my saviours love for me and for the people of England (Scotland is still the best) but I love England too xxxx I know the we are all love by Heavenly Father and he never leave us alone isn't that wonderful I hope you enjoy you week

Bye bye

From sister Peden

Missionary Monday 27th July 2015

I am doing great, the weather is a bit damp but it feels like home on Wednesday we had a church historical tour which was great  it was nice to see all the places that the first missionaries lived and had amazing experience we even got to see were president Hinckley wrote his letter to his dad giving up and where he received the replay forget yourself and get to work  it was amazing I am glad you are keeping busy and I hope you s have fun on holiday to Craig Tara 

 The best experience would be seeing were the first baptisms were, our mission version of the waters of Mormon where many people came to a knowledge of their God it was beautiful and felt amazing and gets better as you remember it I have noticed the most spiritual experience s happen as you look back on where you've been rather than right at that moment as it felt peaceful and calm but my mind was being pushed by take this pic Sister Peden come here join this picture rather than what was there but now as I look back and block out the noise I see more of what I saw but didn't see at the time and feel what I felt but did't notice then what an amazing place I would like to go there again with yous one day I am going to look for my waters of Mormon on my mission and as I remember the past and hope for the future.

The worst would be not being able to get in contact with some people who are so close they just need to wake up and see the God has  been beside then the whole time

Most interesting thing to eat this week was Curry with sister Williams 

Nothin we are fasting ,would be the worst thing my body has had to eat but my spirit enjoyed it

 Yes I did thanks I gave elder tegel and Minster some pop tart there were a little sad the other day thank you so much sister Cardoso loved  the lolly pop 

Yesterday we taught someone named Jason he is really nice and want to find some genuine people who  care and want to help fix his family that just went though a breakup but it was a good lesson on the plan of salvation I did have some memorised but now I forgot I will send you a screen shot of the scriptures and see if you creative genius can help I would appreciate it so much this  p day we are having a nap...yeah last p day we needed to do some shopping and packing to go to the historical tour so last week was boring but next week we are going to the aquarium yeah we going to see the fishes yeah xxxxx 

Move call is on the 5 so next week yikes ,district meeting tomorrow I am doing the ice breaker agin so happy not a training tee hee, zone meeting not till after moves so 2 and a bit weeks

My best laugh is on Friday sister Cardoso got bird popped on  her face it was so funny she was frozen during our 5hour street display the longest one we had without a break nearly killed us all and sister Cardoso coat was washing and I just forgot mine as I drift see her put hers on I thought it was warmer but I was not to bother it was chilly and the wind didn't help but she was blue poor sister Cardoso tee hee I am so mean but it was so funny she was this is so that birds fault  brrrrrrr I love you so much tell Hannah I am so proud of her I am looking forward to reading her talk have a good week love yous all xxxxxxxxx miss yous xxxxthanks for every thing xxxxxxxxx

Missionary Monday 24th of August 2015

I have had an interesting week I was ask too give a training I really
hate being asked I get really nervous but I am so grateful for it I
learned so much by preparing for it even if I didn't really have the
time to do what I felt should have been done   But I know it was
really for me after all  we did service this week some less active s
really needed some help and as we worked together we got to know each
other better and it was the most fun cleaning ever this week I have
gained a new appreciation for the small things even though I am not
very good at street contacts  and could work on train and bus too
though my study and though little thought that come when bearing my
testimony to family on Mondays or others I have felt the spirt every
know and then even more so on days that are hard  I know he's there
and watching me and helping me though on Sunday sister Duffy gave
amazing talk on how Heavenly Father is real our father is was simple
and made me look at things a bit differently which was nice  I love
being a missionary can't believe I am half way through already yikes
too fast  The best thing I have learned all always be the god loves me
and you he is our Heavenly Father who cares so much that he is always
by our side begging us to follow his son he is there always trying to
help but not forcing us to listens watching  attentively over all his
children many days he weeps for us many day he rejoice s for us never
has he left us though many times I think he should I will never
understand the love he has for me nor why he works so hard with me it
breaks my heart when people say that he not there can't they feel
there very hearts and souls calling to him when lost or scared sad or
burden he s there and though his son our burdens are light those lost
are found those sad receive peace those scared are comfort have you
ever looked up to the star filled sky or even in the  pouring rain
wether it be day or night took a minute a deep breath and smiled  at
him I can promise you that he will smile back he is our father and
when we understand that fact perfectly all things  become bright  xxxx
I love you so much xxxxx

Missionary Monday 17th of August 2015

Hi everybody how are you  all it has been great to hear how you all
are doing I hope you have all enjoyed the summer  i know I have
despite the heat. this week was great much better than last and we
found some new investigators who seem really good . This week  I
learned well 2days ago I was ask to give a training for tomorrow on
faith is the power sister Cardoso gave a training on faith not
district meeting passed but the one before so I need to say something
else so I look up lots about faith most of which I already knew and
nothin felt right when we were walking sister Cradoso starting talking
about something that reminded me of the talk grace that I have read
like 7 times but while responding to what sister Cardoso was saying I
saw faith differently faith is the power by which we can do all things
we teach it first in the gospels because without faith we cannot
access the atonement our sins are paid for all ready  but we try our
best in order to feel comfortable and confident in the presence of out
Heavenly Father so we need faith in order to have the power to want to
change or repent  and to then want to make covenants with him which
helps our faith increase as it dose our desire and ability to change
grow we want to change repent so we are worthy for the Holy Ghost
which lead guide and comforts our heart strengths our faith and desire
to change so repent become more like Christ and the to endure to the
end internalised theses changes and makes them who we are so though
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we have the power to become as he .he
redeemed a fallen world and gave all who have faith even the size of a
mustered seed the chance to change and to learn the characteristic s
of our father so reaching our Devine potential no longer being a
fallen creature but a son /daughter of God faith is the power that
links us to the atonement to grace and save us to his kingdom by faith
we can do all things . Sister Cardoso is really great example to me
she is always striving to be obedient and gives her all to everything
I am so proud to be her companion she helps me understand so much the
branch is great as always they do there best and I know the Lord see
our efforts and will bless us all have a good week  everybody enjoy
the sun while it last and if it's not sunny where you are you are so
lucky  i read a talk I think called gratitude where the wrote down a
list of 1000 thing to be great full for  I am going to try to gather a
list to so please send me you suggestion what are you all grateful for
this week good luck and have there is alway at least 20 reasons to
smile love you all  bye bye till next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From sister Peden
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Missionary Monday 3rd of August 2015

Hi I hope you all enjoyed you week this week great.The best

experience this week would be last night we met up with an investigator and we travelled 3 hrs in a car to go to the Manchester fireside he seemed to like it ,I felt a bit torn on attention as lots of people from Runcorn were there and shouting me and tony was there I got his postcode so I can write him now . he seem to be doing well i didn't really now what to say at the same time I was trying to focus on Jason the investigator we brought and he like to move so trying to keep an eye on him was hard as I still wanted everyone to now I still care about them to , it was the best feeling ever seeing everyone and the spirit was great I am so glad to be staying in Workington with sister Cardoso she is great and I learn from her everyday the members are amazing and do there best they are all so kind and willing to serve which is amazing .i am restarting the Book of Mormon trying out a different way to study she how it goes my headaches come and go more so when I have had lots of sugar so trying to cut back and were my glasses in the flat um its nice and cool up here near the border and it nice to see the sea every time we are on the train the not so thing that happen this week was just before we took of to go to the fireside we were supposed to go with another investigator as well but something was wrong he seem slightly drunk and had such a sad look in his eye he came an hour earlier than everyone else so waited and then just as the last person arrived he said I waited a long time and we are not going anywhere I will just leave it today and he left we said we are just going now but something in his eyes said he was gone I while ago it's sad he was so happy every time he meet with Us But cut us out for a few weeks and he seem far gone now hopefully he will come back it the gospel that brings happiness though Jesus Christ everything fade but this happiness last for eternity apart from that all good doing lots of finding this week so good fun enjoy you week I love being a missionary hard to believe that in a few days it be my half way mark (thanks for the reminder mum I love ya ) thank s everybody for all you prayers and everything you all do for me thanks for the emails and for always being great yours are all amazing examples too me love ya s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bye bye Sister Peden

Missionary Monday 9th of November 2015

Missionary Monday Update from Sister Peden

"big news a week after transfer sister Hunea was emergency transferred to Rossendale Vally in Chorley zone and sister Nagy (said like nudge) from hungry came to Workington .. fun she is really nice we got the call on Thursday So Bon fire night spent packing and I made Romanian soup yeah and brownies and sister Hunea left Friday morning and sister Nagy got here that evening so we went to see president spencer to see what the game ...plan should be .....also miracle happened on Sunday.... we arrived at church a bit later than normal and when we walked in sister Kelt walked up to us with a lady that I didn't recognise and said here is your new investigator she was taught some of the lesson in Tanwith in the Birmingham mission and would like to learn more and continue on to baptism I turned to this lady who said her name address and phone number and ask when we could come see her and when we could baptism her..... I was like what ? Uh uh uh great ok um um Wednesday we can see you and see how far you have been taught and we will go from there it's great to meet you welcome to Workington ....... so yeah ahhhhhhh wowoooooooo whooooooooo we prayed...... Baptisms please Heavenly Father we will try and find people he said.... I feel sorry for yours here you go a free one yeah xxxxxxxx!!!!!! 
Thank you for the shoulder brace I wear it when I can it helps me hold my position hurts though sad ...need scan, more physio and to see a specialist .....what!!!! /you know I suddenly feel miracles heal... no problem.. no need for any of that I believe in blessing s... thank you for your time bye now mummmmmm!!!!!! Mummy ahhhhhhhh he is trying the ultrasound next Wednesday.

I get on well with sister Nagy we have only had a few days together but I met her before briefly she is super nice and hard working and helps me not freak out about ultrasound as she had it a few time on her leg she as a bad leg I have a bad shoulder the mission breaks you honest yikes but would not have it any other way I love you all so much"

Missionary Monday 2nd of November 2015

Missionary Monday Update:

A wee story from Sister Peden's companion this week Sister Hunea

"Then my companion is checking the train timetable as we decided to go in a new area called Silloth. We was running to catch the train...and as we Catch the train just in time as was about to leave without us....we manage to open the door and squeeze in. At the middle of the journey she said ....opsy...we are on the wrong direction.
We laugh and said...well...maybe we meant to be here. We got of...f on the next stop which was the last stop in our area called Aspetria. This is a little village with a very few houses. We started straight from the first house as we got out of the train station. On the third house we find a woman who loved to listen to us and was happy to say to us to come back. As was a rainy day...people here were very nice to us. Two of them wanted to invite us inside for a cup of tea

Turn out that was a great day and we had fun too ...in the rain. "

Halloween 2015.. a story in pictures

Missionary Monday 5th of October 2015

Monday Missionary Update: from Sister Peden

 "This week we worked our hardest and did our best and we waited and the Lord did the rest. This week was good, we went to the lakes on Monday, had a great zone meeting on Tuesday (our district leader was not doing so well - it seems he might go home so everything's seems a bit chaotic we hope and pray he is ok)
Wednesday was my birthday we had a street display and cake and goodies with the Hamilton's and elders from Carlisle so that was lots of fun too the Hamilton's gave me a prezzy of malteasers and some pretty sticky notes which were lovely sister Hunea gave me some face packs and chill out girly stuff which is fun too thank you to you both also I love the 20 things for a 20year old it was fun opening so many and I will use them all thank you so much for a great birthday.

And to end a great week on a high...... general conference

yeah it was amazing..... I love all of it.

My favourite would be president uctdorf "a summer with great aunt rose" I thought that it was amazing to be happy yeah I also liked "desire to inspire not
simply to impress" and president Eyreing talk on "claiming the right to the Holy Ghost" I know I will continue to learn from this conference I can't wait till the conference ensign comes out so I can study it I love the words of Thomas S Monson our beloved prophet, always gives me the drive to try and fly a little higher I hope you all enjoyed it too.

oh I will shared I miracle with you on Friday we were heading home and decided to talk to one more person and he listened called a friend and the friend wanted to know more and called a friend and all three plus another 1 friend meet us after the women's conference we taught the restoration and the three came Saturday morning conference and brought three more friends yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh I love conference !!!

I love you all thanks for the cards and money and all you love and
prayers thank you for your faith and support I pray you all enjoy you
week bye bye thanks for everything xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Official Slideshow FSY Leeds Scotland 2015

Happy 20th Birthday to Ruthie

Happy 20th Birthday to our Sister Peden....thinking of you my lovely. So proud of your love of the Saviour and willingness to serve him and others xxx

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