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Scripture study Tips for Dyslexics and Non Dyslexics

One of my favourite sites is the Red Headed Hostess.  She has developed a scripture study system that is easy and informative.  I have adapted some of her tips to help my children who all have dyslexia with thier scripture study.

The most simple aid for using lds scriptures is to colour the sides of the pages one colour for each set of scriptures.  This helps to identify the different sets of scripture ie The Book of mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The New Testament and The Old Testament. 


Book Of Mormon Page Titles

Scripture Study Tip: Page Titles (From Red Headed Hostess)

I try and write page titles on the top of every page in my scriptures.

Page titles are just that – a title that I wrote at the top that summarizes what that page teaches about.
These are helpful and useful in several ways:
1- I can find things really quickly
2- I pick up on themes and patterns more easily
3- It is a very interesting element to scripture study. I look at each page as a general theme and gain different insights.

* This would be a great activity to do as a family as you read scriptures together. Wouldn’t it be fun to read the Book of Mormon together and decide as a family what should be written at the top of each page?
* It would also be interesting to write your own titles as a family, and then compare what each person wrote – what is the same and what is different.

A List of Book of Mormon Page Titles can be found HERE
A List of Docterine & Covenants Page Titles Can Be Found HERE

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