Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had a blast on Christmas day and although Ruth was not with us in Body
she was in our thoughts and prayers......and we made a pillow Ruthie for the day so she didn't miss out :)


We also got the chance to Skype with Ruth or Sister Peden should I say,  we had been expecting her to get in touch on New Years day so when we got a phone call with a wee voice saying "Sister Peden"  we thought it was someone calling to speak to me   only after she repeated her name 3 times did dad finally work out it was Sister Peden calling.  We were on Skype in a flash.  It was wonderful to see her look happy, healthy and relaxed so proud to be her mum.

Thank you to everyone who shared Christmas with us and wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Papa Peden's 70th Birthday Lunch

Granny Peden
Papa Peden and his wallies

Me and my Pout 

Sean and his not so big sister


 decisions, decisions...

counting the seconds til the food arrives

Birthday Muffins there's muffin like it

Birthday Boy 70th Birthday

Family portrait has finally arrived

Sean & Penny

Penny, Sean, Ruth Adam and Hanna

Ruth Adam and Hanna

Panto Fun

As a boxing day treat we headed off for a meal and finally to the Pantomime to watch Beauty and the Beast.  Photos were not allowed of the actual show but we popped a few selfies of before the beginning.
Gran (Fiona Soden) Adam Peden and Dad (Sean Peden)

my Dad (Billy Soden) and Me (Penny Peden)

Me and my girl Hanna (a rare photo of a smiling girl)


Scripture study Tips for Dyslexics and Non Dyslexics

One of my favourite sites is the Red Headed Hostess.  She has developed a scripture study system that is easy and informative.  I have adapted some of her tips to help my children who all have dyslexia with thier scripture study.

The most simple aid for using lds scriptures is to colour the sides of the pages one colour for each set of scriptures.  This helps to identify the different sets of scripture ie The Book of mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The New Testament and The Old Testament. 


Book Of Mormon Page Titles

Scripture Study Tip: Page Titles (From Red Headed Hostess)

I try and write page titles on the top of every page in my scriptures.

Page titles are just that – a title that I wrote at the top that summarizes what that page teaches about.
These are helpful and useful in several ways:
1- I can find things really quickly
2- I pick up on themes and patterns more easily
3- It is a very interesting element to scripture study. I look at each page as a general theme and gain different insights.

* This would be a great activity to do as a family as you read scriptures together. Wouldn’t it be fun to read the Book of Mormon together and decide as a family what should be written at the top of each page?
* It would also be interesting to write your own titles as a family, and then compare what each person wrote – what is the same and what is different.

A List of Book of Mormon Page Titles can be found HERE
A List of Docterine & Covenants Page Titles Can Be Found HERE

The boys bonding and building a bird table

Greenie Area - Chester, England Area. Runcorn Ward

Sister Peden's first area

Chester, England Stake. 

She served here from 3rd of December 2014.


Chester England Stake

Location                                  United Kingdom
Assigned Temple Preston England Temple
Creation Date June 6, 1982
Number of Congregations 6 Wards, 2 Branches


Sister Peden’s first area is Runcorn in Halton, Cheshire.  She is serving with Sister Warren who is from Nebrasca.  She is as nervous as Sister Peden as she has just completed her own greenie training 2 days before Sister Peden arrived and now she’s the trainer.  On the 16th of December Sister Peden will be attending the temple again and then going on exchanges to Newcastle under lyne. 

On Christmas day she will be allowed a lie in to 8am which she is really excited about.
On Christmas day we were able to Skype together and it was truly great to see Sister Peden looking happy, relaxed and healthy.  One thing I have learned from that experience is to be more prepared with a list of questions to ask and to take a photograph of her on the computer to show others.

Missionary Training Centre, Preston, England

Sister Peden has successfully completed her MTC training at the Preston, England Missionary Training Centre.  Her first companion was Sister Runku from South Africa and she worked closely with sisters from Switzerland and Northern Ireland.  Her biggest challenge has been to take turns in teaching as both she and her companion are chatty so it’s hard to get a word in edgewise.  She has had experience in proselyting on the streets of Manchester, in the temple and teaching 5 non-members while in the MTC as well as experiencing different foods from around the world at the MTC canteen.

Temple Visit before entering the MTC

We had the pleasure to spend the evening before Ruth entered the missionary training centre in Preston Temple, England.  It was an experience we truly were blessed to share with her.

One of the last things we did together was for Sean to give Ruth a father's blessing before our goodbye's.  One of the hardest things We ever had to do   was to walk away but knew that we will all be bests for our sacrafices.



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