Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Preparing for Ruthie Leaving on Her mission - The Financial Cost

If I was to give a piece of advice it would be get your passport within a year of your missionary leaving it saves time and spreads the costs over a longer time and also the basic immunisations because a few of the immunizations have to be given over a period of time for full cover.

We had to fill out our forms 5 times and get two sets of photos and one interview before we got the passport right.

Put money aside not only for supporting your missionary while on their mission but to get all the preparations done before they Leave.

Costs accumulated so far: (in 2014)

Passport                                    £81.25
Photos                                      £10
Medical                                     £85
Chest X Ray                              £55
Hep B Immunization   1,2 & 3     £53
Administration of Hep C              £60
Hep B Immunization 4 (to be given in 1 years time in the mission field) so that will be an additional private prescription and administration charge.

There will be no Going Away Party as President Hinckley has asked us not to in a talk given called  "To Men of the Priesthood" Oct 2002 Ensign and also Policies and Procedures April 1971 so that takes some of the pressure of us as parents

We have been overwhelmed by the love and generosity of people who are supporting Ruth and us in there different ways and will always hold them close to our hearts.

 B & J Scott, I Coull, S McLaughlan, G & C Broadfoot, S Hotchkiss & M Cameron, M & D Sargent, F & B Tate, J & C Wood, A Wilson, M & E Roger, C & D Angus, S Dickson, Bro & Sis Muir, Gran & Papa Soden, Gran & Papa Peden,

Costs of getting Ruth Ready

Distribution Services             £ 24.75
Boots                                   £   5.00
Brantano                              £124.95
Distribution Services             £  72.70
Tesco                                  £ 60.55
Pounstretcher                      £  6.98
Wilko                                  £ 33.72
Primark                               £ 56.50
Tesco                                  £ 45.50
Sainsbury                            £ 49.88
Poundland                            £  5.00
Home Bargains                     £ 15.43
Body Care                            £ 5.94
Superdrug                            £ 6.98
Bonmarche                           £ 18.00
BHS                                     £ 20.00
Primark                                £ 88.00
Cancer Research                   £  4.50
Superdrug                            £  6.53
HS Smith                              £ 4.99
Bonmarche                           £ 26.55
Charity Shop                         £  3.50
Boots                                   £ 47.45
Semi Chem                          £ 22.63
Marie curie                           £ 31.25

Family Portrait                     £15
Temple visit and accommodation £

The best way to support your child on her mission field is through Gift Aid.  The cost if £245 per month to be paid on the 1st of the month starting the month your child is leaving.

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