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Ruth's Last Sunday Before Her Mission

Today was Ruth's last day in Irvine Ward before she leaves for her mission in England Manchester on Wednesday. We were truly blessed by the presence of Ruth's institute teachers from 2013-14,and 2014 and the YSA Missionary's who came especially to here her going away talk.


Ruth's Farewell Talk

Good morning brother and sister today I am going to talk about the power of examples my family is everything I am.

my mum is a crazy ,fun, planner, not words that usually words that make a sentence but my mum has taught me the truth about service though operation nice, secrete Santa , secrete agents, knock, knock leave a present and run away and many other games I can remember though out my childhood I loved hearing whispers “someone left this at my door “ lots of other family’s played this came too. Though these games my mum taught me to love everybody, to always look for opportunities to serve she taught me though her example to study the scriptures by acted them out or listening to them I would see her every night with her scriptures reading the marking them loving her time with her impotent treasure and now my scriptures are my treasures though my mum I have knowledge of the scriptures and a willingness to serve because of mum I want to go on a mission.

My dad is a strong, brave creative Viking who is also an amazing example to me not only can he make a whole armoury by hand but he was strong when told he had a tumour and when he felt weak he turn to the temple I have witness dad go through chemo and many other tests I have watch him fight to keep his job and still have time to play with my brother sister and me. Many people went through similar trials and they hit rock bottom and couldn’t find the strength to stand but my dad did for as long as I can remember my dad has been there by my side I never really thought of how hard he works to provide for us yet still be the best dad in the world. His bravery to face trails unflinching helped give me courage to rise above limitations too I have a higher English that because of my dyslexia as told my many was out of my reach and was too hard for me my dad taught me that when someone says you can’t do it my answer should be you watch me. I know going on a mission will be very hard in more ways than one but I will follow my dad’s example and be strong, brave, and creative and I can survive a mission even if I live on tomatoes sauce sandwiches just like him.

My brother and sister are energetic, inspiring and talented Hanna has always be very quick and witty but she has the most mature in our whole family she collects inspiring messages and she even writes some of her own one of my favourites is “I am no princess I don’t need saving I am a queen and I got this handle” I love this it’s just Hanna she encourages me to be the queen I may be someday today. Adam is so jumpy nothing seem to slow him down he is a boy with a purpose and he will have successes he is always diligent and give 110% and then some more I know of no time when he has falling short of his duty and despite his small size he is a spiritual giant he pushes me to be dedicated to mu saviour to do my duty With a smile to put my shoulder to the wheel.

My granny sodden is another example to me she has shown the strength to stand alone being the only one to remain strong in the gospel out of her parents and brothers and sisters it is thanks to her I am a fourth generation in the church because of her three generation of women meet at the temple and felt the presence of the fourth standing with us even with a husband outside the church she remain faithful and constantly strengths us

Over the years I have had many wonderful teachers and leaders some of you are here thank you all for sharing your testimony thank for your example to me thank you for sharing your knowledge of the saviour because of your kindness your wisdom and friendship over the years I want to follow your example and teach the knowledge and testimony I have gained.

In Timothy, we are admonished to be an example of the believers. (See 1 Tim. 4:12.) A believer is someone who follows and knows the teachings of Christ not only in his mind but also in his heart and whose actions are a witness of that belief. It isn’t easy to be an example of the believers. We don’t usually wake up in the morning and say, “Today I’m going to be an example of the believers!” Yet we can say, “Today I will be kind and thoughtful, or considerate, or honest, or whatever quality I need to work on.” And then we will try hard all day to make a conscious effort to do so. That we can do! We can live in such a way that people can look to us as their examples. To be a good example of a principle, we must not only understand it but we must live that principle. It should become such a part of our everyday living that without consciously thinking about it, the principle is reflected in the way we live. To be true examples of believers, we are first committed inwardly to the principle of Christ that our actions reflect. For example, if we are dedicated to the principle of family prayer, we as parents pray regularly with our family. Hopefully, our children will recognize our devotion and dependence on prayer and pattern their prayers after this example. The song “Love Is Spoken Here” shows the strength of a mother’s prayer as seen by her child.

I see my mother kneeling with our family each day.
I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray.
Her plea to the Father quiets all my fears,
And I am thankful love is spoken here

Our beloved prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, a living example of the believers, said, “The proper example is all-important. Let us be what we profess to be. There is no satisfactory substitute.” (Improvement Era, Aug. 1948, p. 494; italics added.)We can always feel secure in looking to Christ as our perfect example. He showed us by his own life not only what we should do, but also what we are to become. “Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.” (3 Ne. 27:27.)Jesus resisted temptations. He treated all equally. He was patient in his teaching yet bold in his condemnation of evil. He forgave the repentant, healed the sick, and served without ceasing. Among the Nephites, Christ taught many beautiful gospel principles. He instructed them to follow the commandments so they could be happy. He commanded them not to argue or fight but love one another. He taught them how to pray and said, “Behold I am the light; I have set an example for you.” (3 Ne. 18:16.)Above all, Jesus was the perfect example

I am grateful for all the examples in my life many I have not mention that are close to my heart one of which is the prophets I know that no man or women is prefect especially not me we all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean the gospel is wrong I know that this is the true church I asked now know for myself I know it’s hard to be an example but that is what we agreed to be at baptism to stand as a witness at all times in all places to take his name upon us. He will to do so every member wears a badge with the saviour name upon it just like the missionaries let us strive to have the saviour in our countenance let’s not be ashamed to be different let us not be ashamed of our saviour this world has slipped into a moral blackness but as James E foust said valuable diamonds shine brighter against a dark background. I love this gospel I love my saviour and I hope and pray I can be a worthy example of the believers in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Preparing for Ruthie Leaving on Her mission - The Financial Cost

If I was to give a piece of advice it would be get your passport within a year of your missionary leaving it saves time and spreads the costs over a longer time and also the basic immunisations because a few of the immunizations have to be given over a period of time for full cover.

We had to fill out our forms 5 times and get two sets of photos and one interview before we got the passport right.

Put money aside not only for supporting your missionary while on their mission but to get all the preparations done before they Leave.

Costs accumulated so far: (in 2014)

Passport                                    £81.25
Photos                                      £10
Medical                                     £85
Chest X Ray                              £55
Hep B Immunization   1,2 & 3     £53
Administration of Hep C              £60
Hep B Immunization 4 (to be given in 1 years time in the mission field) so that will be an additional private prescription and administration charge.

There will be no Going Away Party as President Hinckley has asked us not to in a talk given called  "To Men of the Priesthood" Oct 2002 Ensign and also Policies and Procedures April 1971 so that takes some of the pressure of us as parents

We have been overwhelmed by the love and generosity of people who are supporting Ruth and us in there different ways and will always hold them close to our hearts.

 B & J Scott, I Coull, S McLaughlan, G & C Broadfoot, S Hotchkiss & M Cameron, M & D Sargent, F & B Tate, J & C Wood, A Wilson, M & E Roger, C & D Angus, S Dickson, Bro & Sis Muir, Gran & Papa Soden, Gran & Papa Peden,

Costs of getting Ruth Ready

Distribution Services             £ 24.75
Boots                                   £   5.00
Brantano                              £124.95
Distribution Services             £  72.70
Tesco                                  £ 60.55
Pounstretcher                      £  6.98
Wilko                                  £ 33.72
Primark                               £ 56.50
Tesco                                  £ 45.50
Sainsbury                            £ 49.88
Poundland                            £  5.00
Home Bargains                     £ 15.43
Body Care                            £ 5.94
Superdrug                            £ 6.98
Bonmarche                           £ 18.00
BHS                                     £ 20.00
Primark                                £ 88.00
Cancer Research                   £  4.50
Superdrug                            £  6.53
HS Smith                              £ 4.99
Bonmarche                           £ 26.55
Charity Shop                         £  3.50
Boots                                   £ 47.45
Semi Chem                          £ 22.63
Marie curie                           £ 31.25

Family Portrait                     £15
Temple visit and accommodation £

The best way to support your child on her mission field is through Gift Aid.  The cost if £245 per month to be paid on the 1st of the month starting the month your child is leaving.

MTC Package for Ruth

I found some printables from a site called Little Miss Suzi that could help make up a missionary training centre survival package and filled it full of goodies that go with the labels
We also enclosed letters from each of us
Mum's Letter
Beautiful daughter, this letter is long overdue. I've wanted to write you many times but I always felt there was simply too much to say and I had mixed feelings about what I even wanted to say.
First, I want you to know that I love you very, very much and that will never change, no matter what. You spent months growing inside me and I gave birth to the most gorgeous creature in the world. You have brought so much happiness to my world and I will always be grateful for you, my child.
I’ve thought of so many things I can say to you and a massive list of do’s and don’ts however I realise it’s me who needs the list so here it is:
Penny…You know:
  • Ruth has been raised right,
  • I have instant communication with you via e mail on P day so we can “Chat type “if needed
  • Your with your companion
  • You know all the stuff about strangers,
  • Your intelligent and socially competent,
  • You don’t have enough money to get into too much trouble,
  • Daughters tell their mothers everything so I’ll be getting a full report with each email,
  • I will be monitoring from a distance.
If someday you become a mother, you too will understand what this feeling is like, of loving someone so much that it feels like your heart will explode. Of loving someone so much you would gladly give your life in exchange for your child's. The unconditional love a mother has for her child is truly unparalleled by any other kind of love.
There are also few things in this world more important, and sometimes more complicated, than the relationship between a mother and a daughter. I know this because I too have a mother. She drives me crazy but I adore her. I would be lying if I said I won't worry about you because I will. But you're a big girl now and you are capable of making your own decisions and I trust that you will make the right ones for you. And if you don't, that's OK. It is often by making mistakes that we learn. Sometimes we keep making the same ones but if we become aware, we as humans have an extraordinary capacity to transform ourselves. But first, we must become aware of what it is within ourselves that needs to change.
I know on your mission you will find yourself and becoming more independent.  I want to be sure you remember all the time how wonderful you were, how talented, beautiful, smart, fun, brave.  The love that I have for you is unconditional. I love you to the moon and back. I love you for you and I love you forever. On the day you were born, I celebrated you and I haven't stopped celebrating you since. You are an awesome girl.
Loving you more than words can ever express.
Dad's Letter
Hi Ruthie, well your in the MTC, enjoy it, honey, its great, you will feel the spirit almost everyday you will cry like you have never cried before. you will learn to teach and learn to find people, but the one thing they can't teach you is the same thing you have loads of.... is Love.  Remember the greatest tool the Lord has is you.  Take your spirit to the people you teach.  Mum is soppy and will miss you loads.  Me too, but my feeling of how proud I am of you makes me excited for you, the memories you'll make the people you'll meet, the awesome feelings you'll have.  I wish I was your age again, treasure every moment.  The harder you work the better your mission will be.  Ruthie I'm so proud of you.  Your a wonderful daughter, remember no matter how hard it rains or how cold the people are, there is truth, two in fact
1. the gospel is true and your saviour loves you
2. your daddy oves you and will beat up anyone who upsets my girl.
Look out for the Haggis near the border, you'll always be the apple of your daddies eye, never question the truth but always ask why!
I love you
Love Dad
Hanna's Letter
Dear Ruth
You will be OK and safe because you are doing a good thing hich ill make other people upset but heavenly father and me ill keep an eye on you.  I hope you meet great friends on your mission just don't forget I am your best friend and n one is as cool as me and you.  see you soon you big bum
love you coolest sister
Adam's Letter
Dear Ruth
You are the best and most fabulous sister a boy can have,  your the greatest, you play with me when I am bored, you comfort me when I am uncomfortable, your always there when I need you.  I love you and you love me, I love our singalongs together you are beautiful and  no one can tell you different if they do they are lying through their teeth.  You are the best in the whole world and I'm sure you are going to be the best missionary as well.  The others are going to have to keep an eye on you
from your little bro...
See Ya XX

Gran & Papa's Letter

Dear Ruth

Just a wee note to let ou know how proud we are of you.  I was thinking as I watched you being set apart, how proud my mum and dad, your great gran & Granpa, would have been.  I aways remember my dad say he knew the church was true but he wasn't strong enough to live it.  I know, especially him, would feel the strength and commitment you have to share the gospel.  Papa has promised t read the book of Mormon while your away.  I'll make sure he does it, we'll do t together.

Just remember when the going gets tough you have a whole family and extended family who love you and what you stand for.  Don't ever forget that.

Just remember John Bytheway work, work, work and nothing will stop you. Enjoy all you do on your mission and remember it's a learning experience.

Love you loads

Gran & Papa Soden

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