Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Photography Challenge

Part of this summers activities with my teens is our Photography challenge.  Every day we take a look at the lists and choose one of the challenges

We pick our favourite photo print it and hang it on our home made photo mobile.
I found this article and just had to make a copy of it and try it out however I forgot to take a note of where I origionally got it to put a link so if its your idea please contact me so I can give proper due to this great article.

Want to make one of your own? Here’s how:
·         4 – 1/4″ square balsa wood sticks, cut to 18″ each
·         superglue
·         silver spray paint
·         thin ribbon
·         32 tiny clothespins

To start, cross two pieces of balsa wood and glue them together (with 90-degree angles where they intersect). Repeat with the remaining two pieces. Position the two crosses on top of each other, form 45-degree angles between each piece. Glue in place.
Cover completely with spray paint (we used Krylon Shortcuts).

We started with 31 pieces of 24″ ribbon so that we could cut them to length once it was assembled. But since we’ve already done it, I can tell you what lengths we used.
·         (8) 12″ ribbons, at the tip of each stick
·         (8) 8″ ribbons, 2-2/3″ from the end
·         (8) 16″ ribbons, 5-1/3″ from the end
·         (4) 4″ ribbons, 8″ from the end {every other stick}
·         (2) 20″ ribbons, 8″ from the end {on the sticks you skipped for the 4″ ribbons, leaving two empty}
·         (1) 10″ ribbon, in the center
Attach the ribbons along each stick, starting at the end and spacing them every 2-2/3″. (We alternated the ribbon on each side of the stick to make it more balanced, but you could do them all on the same side.)
Attach four long pieces of ribbon to hang the mobile by. The length of these will depend on where, and how low, you want it to hang.
Glue a clothespin to the end of each ribbon.
I had two copies of each picture printed, and then I cut them down to 4″x4″ and used double-sided tape to stick them together. Or, if you have more pictures to showcase, you could tape different pictures together instead.
The great news is you can change the pictures as often as you’d like!
And the best part is it makes a permanent keepsake that you can use as part of your home decor even after the party!

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