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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Exam Cram Gift Basket

Brienna from darling doodles had an article today with this Exam Cram Gift Basket which I'm going to do for Ruth and just had to share so nip over to her site and you can get the little printable she has

Ideas for items to put in this basket are:
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Index Cards
  • Post it Notes
  • Reference books
  • Mug, Thermos, or Waterbottle
  • Snacks
  • Headache Medicine
  • Notebook or Paper
  • And something fun for when they need to take a break

Teacher Appreciation

It is fast getting to the end of another school/club year and I'm thinking of ways in which to help my children show thier appreciation for thier teachers and leaders (within a very tight budget) and here is what we have come up with.

We gathered smooth pebbles from our local beech scrubbed them down and used permenant markers to make these paperweights as cheap momentos of our appreciation  This idea came from blackberryvine

 This printout  is origionally for a itunes gift card however we used it to write a wee personal message to go along with the paper weight.  It comes from Crafting is contagious

Missionary Letters

Following family council we as a family are trying to support our missionarys not only those who are serving in our ward but the missionarys serving from our ward.  We have 4 missionarys and a missionary couple away at the moment.  We decided we had to write to each of the missionarys. 

 Now I don't know about you but after three sentances I usually run out of new or interesting storys to share so we decided to do a newsletter. In it we would include
  • Peden Family News
  • a Scripture of the Month
  • a story of the month
  • Quote of the month
  • Ward News
  • Tips for scripture Study
  • Object Lesson Idea
  • Scottish recipe for some homemade goodies
  • missionary cartoon

Family Council Revamp

This week sean and I decided it would be a good idea to revamp family council to be more effective for the family rather than the usual negotiations over chores and bedtimes so after a little research we've came up with

The Four Fold Mission of the Peden Family

The 4 areas we concentrate on in family council are
  • Family History
  • Missionary Work
  • Personal and Family Preparation
  • Education and Activities
We reviewed what the family was doing with regard to the above list and set personal and family goals
Heres our minues to give you an idea of what we discussed

Family Council

Date__________SUNDAY THE 15th of April 2012 ________________________________________


Opening Song:_______I have a Family Here on earth (Hanna Conducting)______

Scripture/Spiritual Thought:______D&C 6 1-2 (Dad)_______________________________

Opening Prayer:-_______Mum__________________________________________________________

Calender Review

·         Ruth – Family Home Evening for Monday
·         Ruth & Hanna need to gather evidence for personal progress and duke of Edinburgh award on eco committee and photography
·         Ruth to go to Gold and Green Ball on Friday with mum and Dad
Today is mum and dads 18th year anniversary of their engagement.

4 Fold Mission of the Peden Family

Family History:                                                     

Review:__On recent visit to Temple Ruth and Hanna Completed 40 Baptisms and 50 confirmations_________________________________________________________

            Goals:___For next Youth trip we aim to prepare 32 names for temple work Hanna 2, Adam 3, Ruth 7, Dad 10 and Mum 10________________________________________

Missionary Work:                                                

Review:___Sean went out with the missionaries once this week, girls did temple work _____________________________________________________________________________

            Goals:__ Sean to try and go on teaches with missionaries twice a week, Ruth, Hanna and Adam are to invite friends to church activities, mum to invite sisters for dinner appointment and Plan an Operations Nice/Secret Service.

 Personal & Family Preparation:                     

Review:______Chores needing an over haul____________________________________

Goals:__________Ruth _ Upstairs Bathroom and Gathering dirty dishes and washing them. Hanna – Hoovering and downstairs Bathroom.  Adam – Dirty washing and Bins, Mum & Dad responsible for Breakfast  and walk and feed dog.

Education & Activities:                                       


Goals:____Thinking of ideas for summer Staycation, Ruths study schedule to start again and when on study leave to stay with granny.

Testimonys:________________Mum, Dad and Ruth._____________________________________

Time for Next Meeting:___________Next Sunday___________________

Closing Song: ______The Spirit of God ( Conducted by Ruth)_____________________

Closing Prayer: _____Adam_____________________________________________________________

Hugs and Kisses and Food

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