Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sean reaches 40

Sean was instructed to stop blinking during his photos which left him with a slightly crazed expression.

(below) Sean and Adam getting into the presents and party spirit.

 and even Hanna getting in on the act (although I still couldn't get her to look at the camera)

(below) Penny (me) and Sean at the restaurant giving it smoochy.

 Ruth trying to look sophisticated while eying up the waiter in the restaurant (teenagers)

(below) Ruth and Adam giving it all with their latest craze for Hats.

 Hanna came up with the idea of a memory album and we collected photos and letters from everyone and put them in an album.  Sean had great fun reminiscing with the children.

(below)  Dad getting a birthday kiss from his boy

Some homemade decorations especially for Sean.

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday my wonderful Husband, Love you.

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