Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December 2011 Home teaching Handouts

This months Home teaching Message is The choice to be Grateful by Henry B Eyring.
this idea comes from The idea Door

this idea comes from The idea Door

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sean reaches 40

Sean was instructed to stop blinking during his photos which left him with a slightly crazed expression.

(below) Sean and Adam getting into the presents and party spirit.

 and even Hanna getting in on the act (although I still couldn't get her to look at the camera)

(below) Penny (me) and Sean at the restaurant giving it smoochy.

 Ruth trying to look sophisticated while eying up the waiter in the restaurant (teenagers)

(below) Ruth and Adam giving it all with their latest craze for Hats.

 Hanna came up with the idea of a memory album and we collected photos and letters from everyone and put them in an album.  Sean had great fun reminiscing with the children.

(below)  Dad getting a birthday kiss from his boy

Some homemade decorations especially for Sean.

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday my wonderful Husband, Love you.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Duke of Edinburgh Iron Age Service

Ruth and her fellow mates in Duke of Edinburgh Scheme from the Irvine DofE Group completed a service project this week at Marthrown of Mabie They were to assist in making an authentic replica of a Celtic Iron Age Roundhouse- what they didn't realise was that authentic ment fresh cow dung which they would have to mix with hay with thier feet and then they plastered it on the outside walls of the roundhouse with thier hands.

 In November... In Scotland... very very wet and smelly.

 As part of the fun they got to sleep in the outhouse for a true iron age experience. complete with a dry composting loo and urinal

A Secret Nativity Gift

This year we have decided to share the story of the nativity with 2 families.  We purchased 2 small nativity sets.  We printed out this printable which we found at

We cut out the lables and laminated them we then put each lable and picture with the character of the nativity set and wrapped and those without a character on that day we just gave the card.  I wrote a letter of explaination. (Below)

Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas, as a special treat to you and your family we have given you this special gift from our family to yours.  On the 16th of December open number one and continue each day until all gifts/cards are open - keep the cards because at the end they can be used as a special memory game to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas
This matching game offers some interesting ideas about the figures of the Nativity. Most of the information is found in the scriptures. You can learn something new while you have fun playing this game with your friends or friends.
Begin the game with the rectangles spread out facedown. The first player turns over two rectangles. If the figure and the fact do not match, the rectangles are turned facedown again, and the next player takes a turn. If the figure and the fact match, the player reads the fact aloud, keeps the pair, and takes another turn. Play until all the rectangles are matched. The player with the most matches wins.
Have a wonderful Christmas
We wrapped the whole lot up and will deliver to the families (secretly) the day before the advent starts.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gospel Doctrine Lesson Handouts 45, 46, and 47

Lesson 45
The Millenium
This idea comes from The Idea Door

Lesson 46
The Final Judgement
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Lesson 47
This idea comes from The idea door

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