Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ruth's 16th Oscar Party

The Invitations

 Party Printables:
{click links to download printables in high-res PDF format}

Hollywood Glam “Envelope” Napkin Wraps

 • Hollywood Glam Labels – BLANK

 • Hollywood Glam Patterns (sized at 11×17)
I used these patterns to design my own labels for bottles, party poppers, decorations, etc

 • Hollywood Glam Place Cards

 • Hollywood Glam Round Tags (for drink charms)

some of the decor

some of our photo props

Nominee Napkin

Turn paper napkins into Oscar envelopes with a gold seal, red ribbon and some clever folding: Open the napkin and lay it flat; fold in the top two corners to form a triangle. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin up until it meets the base of the triangle, then fold the top triangle down and seal.

party favours simply alittle gold bling aka ferrero rouche with a wee note from ruth thanking the girls for coming to her party

We started by getting the girls to  dress up for the occasion with a dress up box to get that hollywood feeling.

Each of the girls then walked down the red carpet!

Purchase red fabric  or a red table cover . The perfect to place for the red carpet is on the path leading up to your home however we ended up doing it in our hall a little cramped however still good fun.

We used these  fill-in-the- blank questions "Red Carpet Walk" form (below) to ask each guest. Call your guests ahead of time and ask the questions .  I didn't and it was a little confusing so highly recommend doing this ahead of time.

  This form was used to announce each "diva" or "movie star" as she arrives on the red carpet. We also  passed out printable sunglasses, lips mostaches and hats to add a little more variey and fun.

As each girl came down the red carpet the paparazzi (aka dad) took lots of photos with all the papparatzi speek you know the thing..........strike a pose, say movie star, say glamour girl, etc...

 Walk of Fame stars.  Explain to the guests about the real walk of Fame in Hollywood and how famous movie stars, etc. have their own star! We printed up the star below for each girl and got them to sign in thier most diva way either thier own name or thier Film star name

The girls were all animae freaks so of course as they sat down to thier meal (chinese their favourite) and watched 2 movies.  The girls each voted for different Oscar categories. Here are a few ideas for some of the categories -
Best Animation
Best Costume Design
Best Music
Best Story
Best Romance
Best Baddie
Actor –Leading
Actor –Supporting
Actress –Leading
Actress –Supporting

I made up a booklet where they put thier votes and collected them all in ofter the movies
after the birthday cake it was time for the oscar awards presentation.

I placed the winning nominations in envelopes complete with seals using the form below.  The girls each took turns in Presenting the awards and accepting the awards in the most diva way.

The rest of the night was down to them just having fun without mum hanging around.

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