Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hanna's 13th Birthday part 1,2,3 & 4

Part 1 An Aberdeen Adventure

Our Hanna has finally turned 13 she has been desperate to be a teenager since her big sister turned 13 and for her birthday we were 200 miles away from home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland visiting with Gran & Granpa Peden

Hanna was making great use of her birthday present - a new camera

Gran & Papa Bringing in the Birthday Cake
Hanna with Birthday cake number 1

 An Aberdeen Adventure Part 2

 We hit the bowling alley for birthday treat number 2 with Auntie Michelle, Uncle Eric, cousins Jamie and Stuart and finally Auntie Denise all the way from England
We had a special birthday cake for all our birthdays Hanna's 13th, Adam's 10th, Ruth's 16th and Sean's 40th
Back Home Birthday Spa Part 3

  When we got back home Hanna had a spa Sleep Over which also included a surprise torture session for her bad (the best part of the party)

We decorated simply with pink and white balloons and used lips, hats, moustaches, and glasses on sticks for added photo fun.

We had a hair station with hair dryers, tongs, straighteners, sprays , mouses etc

Facial station with face masks, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, cucumber for the eyes cotton pads and cue tips and A Nail Bar with nail varnishes, files, nail varnish removers and hand cream.

They had a selection of schloer  in nice wine glasses or refreshing water to drink. The party favours were party shows with homemade chocolates.
Hanna made her own pinata during the summer using a large balloon wallpaper paste and a roll of wallpaper and took great satisfaction in beating it to a pulp we filled it with sweets, lip glosses, pens, sticky post it pads and oddments of make up

Food was a chocolate fountain with grapes, strawberries, mini donut and waffle and a KFC (well you can't be good all the time.
But the highlight for the girls was  dad tied upand them  painting his toes and nails with nail varnish, putting on a peel mask with cucumber and giving him a wee treat by waxing his feet.

he didn't go down easily

and I'm afraid I took great pleasure in adding to his misery

poor soul!

some of the printable I used for Hanna's Party (these are not my designs I'm not that talented however I also don't remember exactly no were I got them from so if you can tell me I would like to give recognition to very talented individuals)
I printed this A4 and put it on my door to welcome the girls

I used these on water bottles, as face cloth rings, cup cake toppers, general decorations

And Finally........Spa Party Part 4

Certainly a birthday to remember

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Grumpy But Gorgeous said...

i found your home spa party while looking through blogs. it looks like you did a fantastic job! loads of love from the experts xxx

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