Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Tutankhamun

Adam just one 1st prize for Fancy dress at his Halloween School Disco dressed at Tutankhamun.

Its amazing what you can do with an old sheet a tee bag (pinched from my father) and a pringles tube and a paper plate.

Simply print the headdress make a band measuring the childs head and if your really flash add some gold material using double sided sticky tape to secure.
For the main costume Adam found an old pair of cream/beige trousers and a white T shirt I took an old white sheet cut into strips and put the whole lot into a basin for 12 hours with some T bags.  Dryed them out then  got Adam to put them on. I wrapped him up in the bandages securing with a needle and tread or safety pins.  Cost next to nothing.

How to make the jewellary can be found  HERE for the Egyptian Collar

and the Egyptian Bracelets can be found HERE

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