Monday, 4 July 2011

summer staycation 2011

Money is tight so we planned and planned to have a full exciting and restful summer spending as little money as possible  We are having a Stay Cation at Mum & Dad's Bed and Breakfast (M&D B&B)

Our guests are welcomed to our humble abode with a complementary box of goodies which includes sponges summer soaps and shampoos a selection of sweets (available at our own little shop - will explain later) and a leaflet detailing all their entertainment choices for the up coming week.  We also included some stay cation postcards with stamps door hanger breakfast menus and details on the prices for the entertainments ( a token system)

our stay cation brochure click the picture to see it more closely  

complementary box of goodies (tip: don't leave box in sunshine the chocolate melts)

we printed this image up to A6 to make a postcard

we printed this image also to make our postcards


Please note that Mum & Dad Bed & Breakfast requires no payment of cash however does require payment in chores which will be rewarded with a token which can be cashed in for treats and activities from our own shop here on the premises.

Regular chores = 3 tokens
Additional chores = 1 token
Exceptional acts of Kindness = 2 tokens
Others negotiated as required
All tokens will be counted at the end of summer
We bought multi packs of crisps and favourite sweets the shop was opened only after all the chores were done and dinner was passed or before an activity for extra treats we also included fizzy juice - in the shop so they didn't over eat or drink with rubbish

for any activity  payment is 3 tokens

for any sweet from the shop payment is one token

a bottle of fizzy juice is 3 tokens

and others negotiated as required

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