Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Our Family Day at the Beach

In Scotland, especially in Ayrshire, a nice day to go to the beach isn't always possible however we decided today we were going the the beach and we would go prepared, so emergency tent (for downpours), camp table and chairs (cause mum can't stand the sand and likes to sit in comfort) a picnic set for a king and loving prepared by Hanna our little cook in the making, and mums secret tools we were on our way.

We tried setting up the tent on the sand and it kept flying away so we decided to set it up on the grass on the other side of the promenade.  Once the tent was up and frayed tempers were cooled (Dad thought he knew better how to set up the tent as it turns out Ruth does) we had time out with some art work on the wall with children's pavement chalks (mums secret tool #1) after taking appropriate time to admire the art work the next fun was to feel it off.  Running up and down with sea water kept them busy for another wee while and gave them time to cool down. 

we enjoyed our picnic (sand free :))

especially Hanna's wonderful  trifle which didn't travel as well as we would of liked but tasted fabulous!

Time for Sand Games

Sand sculptures

Team Mermaid (Dad, Ruth & Hanna) sculpted a wonderful mermaid complete with seaweed hair and shell bra and tail.
Team turtle (Mum & Adam) made a great job adding detail of feet, head and tail and stripy shell.  we still can't agree who made the most wonderful sand sculpture.

but the best part is destroying their creations
A game of sand darts in the rain (Adam wiped the floor with us by over 100 points)
we soon had the beach to our selves but even we had to leave when the sky fell on our heads...... but only to our tent where the fun continued
with a wicked game of cludo....

We finished of our day with fish and chips and mum & Dad with an extreme case of sunburn - I know I can't believe it myself I blinked and miss the sun but it didn't miss me :( ).

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