Monday, 4 July 2011

Day 1 week 1

Brochure description:
Today Friday, we will be having an excursion to our local world famous Dick institute followed by a picnic in the beautiful surroundings of dean castle country estate.

We started of our stay cation with a lovely cooked breakfast outside in the sunshine Yip that's what I said Sunshine in SCOTLAND!

We offered our complementary box full of goodies only to realise that the chocolate had melted but that didn't stop the kids no sir eeee.

We then headed to our local museum the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock were we spent a leisurely few hours admiring the exhibits. 

 but I have to say we had the most fun in the school corner because mum could tell the children all about her days with the same desks and blackboards that were in her class rooms when she was a girl. They spent some time in Burns corner as well where they made up poems especially for Mum and Dad.

penny's not perfect but perfect for me
but really how perfect can she be
you bring us great joy our hearts are in song
we just love to have you sing along
penny we love you come play with us
because your always making a fuss!

with our dad sean our bond is strong
he even lets us away when we,ve done wrong
our dad sean is always there to hug us when we have a scare
our dad sean is so kind he always has our best hope in mind
we love our dad sean

 We then had a lovely picnic in Dean Castle country park

Where mum came up with a game where we tied wool round the trees and had to negotiate round the trees without touching the wool blindfolded.

we had a secret weapon to help us .....the fork. Fork hand no other hand no fork hand leg ...... it was a hoot.

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