Sunday, 31 July 2011

E.F.Y. - Especially for Youth 2011

Our ruth is heading to EFY this week for those not familliar with the abbreviation it stands for Especially for youth and is a five-day, overnight program which begins on Monday morning and concludes early Saturday morning. Youth have the opportunity to learn and grow together while attending classes, devotionals and firesides together. Highlights of the week include Family Home Evening, dances, a musical program, a games night, service projects, a variety show, good food, and a testimony meeting. The main benefits are new friendships, strengthened testimonies, and lasting memories.

EFY is a youth program with the objectives to encourage, assist, and guide youth participants (ages 14–18) as they strive to “come unto Christ.” EFY creates a setting where youth have the opportunity to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially. EFY programs are held throughout the world every summer and are attended by more than 50,000 youth. Sessions are primarily supervised by young-adult counsellors between the ages of 20-30 and who are positive role models for the youth. All sessions are directed by adult instructors. Activities include Scripture Study, devotionals and firesides, family home evenings, dance, testimony meetings, variety shows and so much more....

I'm so excited for her.... she came back last time so full of the spirit and excited to live and learn the gospel.  This time she will be going to Nottingham University.

Have a great time ruth we'll miss you and love you.

Ideas for survival kits for christmas gifts

I recently purchased print ables from Sunflower Friends.  Here are some of the things I've purchased.

They printed up lovely and are going to be a lovely addition to gifts at Christmas.  Highly recommend. Will show you some of my finished gifts when I have finished assembling them

Gospel Principle Lesson38, 39, 40 & 41 Handout ideas

Sean, My Hubby, teaches the gospel principle lesson in Priesthood and as the same lessons are being used in Relief Society there are always ideas for handouts so I  thought we would share what we find.
Click on the picture to be taken to original site or on the lesson title to be taken to a copy of the lesson.

Chapter 38 - Eternal Marriage

this hand out came from The idea Door

this handout came from LDS Handouts

this handout came from Didi@Relief society

Chapter 39 - The Law of Chastity
this idea came from the idea door

this came from didi@relief society

the idea came from the idea door

August 2011 Home Teaching Message

This months message is

Love at Home—Counsel from Our Prophet 

and can be found  HERE    

Handout picture and you should go to the original web site.

This idea comes from The Idea Door

ideas comes from Didi @ Relief Society

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

holiday fun while visiting gran and papa peden in aberdeenshire

Gran & Papa Peden

Hanna with her little cousin James

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Christmas Fayre ideas

I'm preparing for christmas early this year or should I say I'm preparing for a christmas fayre to help pay for christmas this year so I'd like to share with you some ideas I have found to make and sell.

directions from Serving Pink Lemonade

I halved the size of the sicks and added a loop at the back

Holiday Clothes Pins

directions from Blue cricket design

directions from Homemade Parade

directions from Creative Try als

directions from Todays Fabulous finds

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Our Family Day at the Beach

In Scotland, especially in Ayrshire, a nice day to go to the beach isn't always possible however we decided today we were going the the beach and we would go prepared, so emergency tent (for downpours), camp table and chairs (cause mum can't stand the sand and likes to sit in comfort) a picnic set for a king and loving prepared by Hanna our little cook in the making, and mums secret tools we were on our way.

We tried setting up the tent on the sand and it kept flying away so we decided to set it up on the grass on the other side of the promenade.  Once the tent was up and frayed tempers were cooled (Dad thought he knew better how to set up the tent as it turns out Ruth does) we had time out with some art work on the wall with children's pavement chalks (mums secret tool #1) after taking appropriate time to admire the art work the next fun was to feel it off.  Running up and down with sea water kept them busy for another wee while and gave them time to cool down. 

we enjoyed our picnic (sand free :))

especially Hanna's wonderful  trifle which didn't travel as well as we would of liked but tasted fabulous!

Time for Sand Games

Sand sculptures

Team Mermaid (Dad, Ruth & Hanna) sculpted a wonderful mermaid complete with seaweed hair and shell bra and tail.
Team turtle (Mum & Adam) made a great job adding detail of feet, head and tail and stripy shell.  we still can't agree who made the most wonderful sand sculpture.

but the best part is destroying their creations
A game of sand darts in the rain (Adam wiped the floor with us by over 100 points)
we soon had the beach to our selves but even we had to leave when the sky fell on our heads...... but only to our tent where the fun continued
with a wicked game of cludo....

We finished of our day with fish and chips and mum & Dad with an extreme case of sunburn - I know I can't believe it myself I blinked and miss the sun but it didn't miss me :( ).

Friday, 15 July 2011

Some summer pinta crafting fun

We have some bithdays coming up in a month or two so as part of our summer crafts I thought we'd make our birthday pinta Adam is making a death star for his star wars themed party, Hanna a disco ball for her spa themed sleep over and Ruth is making a glitzy ball for her oscar night themed party.  Stay tuned to see all our preparations.

Suprise Birthday Party for Ruth's best friend Sheryl

The boys bonding and building a bird table

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