Wednesday, 22 June 2011

July 2011 Visiting Teaching ideas

 The Visiting Teaching Message for July is

This idea came from See Me VT she is inspired check her site out.
  I made a claim check that includes quotes and scriptures from the message. It is intended to be a jumping-off point for more discussion on how we can personally claim the blessings of the temple. Some questions that I contemplated were as following:

1. (From the Message) What experience will I share to strengthen those I visit in their determination to "come to the temple"?

2. How can returning often to the temple bless my life?

3. What is the importance of learning about the Creation? How does that affect my life-choices?

4. How have I felt closer to the Savior as I have attended the temple?

I suggest you save the "Temple Blessing Claim Check" file on your computer, then open in Adobe Acrobat to get the best printable file (rather than printing directly from your internet browser). You can download the file here:

These ideas came from The Idea Door

I found this idea from Emma's Place

This idea came from Mish Mash Mom

This idea came from latter Day Chatter

This idea came from mm Community


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful 'Claim Checks', thank you so much, i know my sisters are going to love them, and i love the commitment of setting a date at the end, Jayne x

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