Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Home Management Binder

Weekly challenge #1 - The home management binder

We all wish we could run a smooth household, but sometimes life catches up to us and things slip away. We then begin accumilating "pile-ups"... The laundry begins to pile-up, the bills start piling up, the dishes, the trash, the schedule, and the list goes on and on. Until finally we begin to crumble and fall & give up on what it was we started in the first place.

My weekly challenges are created for you to keep on top of things & to prevent those pile-ups from happening in the first place. Today I will be challenging all of you to create a Home Management Binder. I have been using one for about 2 years (and love it)... BUT created a new one just for this challenge. "New" seems so refreshing. I suggest that if you have a binder, re-create a new one with us!

Link up to the challenge today. Enjoy taking your time this week "creating" your binder. Personalize it & make it functional to YOU. Print out some printables & add them to it. Blog about your new binder, share lots of pictures, and visit others who have linked up with you! WE WILL BE ADDING THINGS TO THE BINDER AS THE CHALLENGE EVOLVES. I have shared what printables I use... you do not have to use the same ones.. I linked up to where I found them for your convenience, if you choose to use them.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you have created.

What you will need to complete this challenge...

Hole Puncher
Pencil pouch
A good cup of juice

Some relaxing music!

Now that you have collected all of your supplies, you're ready to create your Home Management Binder.

The categories that apply to my household are:

Menu Planning
To Do

"Calendar" is my first tab... I use this free printable for my "week at a glance" because I fell in love with the blue scalloped edges. I fill this out every Sunday evening.

The free printable in the above picture was found at www.mommytracked.com
My blank monthly pages are printed from Clean Mama's Etsy shop.  Becky, aka Clean Mama, is one of my good friends!

Next in my binder goes the the "SCHEDULES" tab. This is where I place all of the kids schedules (dance, basketball, lunch menus, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, boy scouts, church, etc... and my schedules for work, bunko, book club, etc...) Its a never ending list. I hole punch everything and throw it out when it no longer applies.

The next tab is "CLEANING". This is a fun one for me (cleaning is not necessarily fun, but the section in my binder is!). I printed out these cleaning printables and follow along with the cleaning schedule. Right now Becky has a "February Cleaning Schedule" coming up.

The next section is "MENU PLANNING". I will cover this section in more detail in an upcoming challenge. Another great set of printables for this section is here.

The next tab is "FINANCES". I LOVE this section. I use it D-A-I-L-Y. Its my "financial brain" and without it I'd be lost. I do all of my bill tracking & budgeting here. I'm a very STRICT budget gal & we are on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace plan. (More printables that I use.) I will also go into detail with this section: Finances, Budgeting & how to live on less, in a later challenge! In this section I also keep bill acct. numbers & phone numbers on a list. So if I have to make a phone call to a creditor, I don't have to look the numbers up every time.

The next tab is "TO DO"... Pretty self explanatory

Next tab... "SCHOOL". This section holds each childs abscence excuse forms, teacher welcome letters, phone numbers, school calendars, etc. Anything pertaining to "school" goes here. It's been very convenient to have all of these papers in one place.

The "MEDICAL" tab is next. All medical & health insurance information goes here. Phone numbers, copies of insurance cards, immunization records (copies) & physical records (copies) are kept here. I use these printables for this section.

"CONTACTS" is next... The list of contacts you should have in your binder are:

Local Businesses
Kids "friends" Parents
Gas, Electric, Water, Cable, Cell, Mortgage #'s

The last tab that applies to me is "BLOGGING"! Since I am a busy blogger, I have a blogging "schedule" that I go by. I try to schedule my days well in advance so I know what I need to prepare for!

This is my Home Management Binder. I hope you all find this post useful & resourceful in creating your own binder.

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