Monday, 10 January 2011

Scripture Reading Challenge 2011

We launched our Book of mormon reading planner this week along with this Family Home Evening.

The Scriptures for Kids


• Print out a scripture reading chart for each child

• Review the lesson

• Maybe ask a child in advance if they would be willing to share a story or their testimony about scripture study. This would be shared at the end of the lesson.


Compare Lehi’s family’s adventure to your family’s “Life Adventure”

• Who likes adventures?

• What do you like about adventures? (They are fun, there are surprises etc.)

• Who knows someone who has been on an Adventure? (Lehi, Nephi etc.)

• Where did Nephi’s adventure start? (Jerusalem)

• Who in our family wants to go on an adventure?

• If we went on an adventure where would our family’s adventure start? (Pre-existence)

• Where did their adventure lead them? (The Promised Land)

Lehi’s family got to go on an adventure to the Promised Land. Just like Lehi’s family got to go on an adventure to the promised land, our family also gets to go on an adventure to the Promised Land. Did you know that we are already on our adventure? We left when we left Heaven. We are on our journey already! And our Promised Land is with Heavenly Father in Heaven. But we will get back to our adventure in a moment. Lets get back to Nephi’s adventure.


• Why did Lehi’s family have to leave? (Because God warned Lehi.)

• Who remembers what happened after they got out into the wilderness? They were asked to go back for something. What were they supposed to get? (The scriptures.)

• Who had the scriptures? (Laban)

• Would it be easy to get the scriptures? (No)

• Why would God want them to risk there lives to get a book? Why would they want to do something that was hard? (Because it would teach them about God.)

Discuss the importance of scriptures in our lives and how they help us in our real life adventure and journey. Just like the scriptures would not do any good in Laban’s library, the scriptures will not do any good for us if they remain closed on a book shelf. We need to read them. We need to be faithful, just like Nephi and go get our scriptures. Have everyone go get their scriptures.



Family Home Evening

• What happened when they got to the water? (The had to build a boat)

• Did Nephi build the boat alone? (No, the family worked together as a team.)

• Could Nephi have done it alone? (No)

Discuss how your family can not make it on your life adventure if you do not work as a team and support each other.


• This year our family can go on a mini adventure.

• We must make the choice to set out on our adventure.

• We must make the commitment to read our scriptures every day.

• We must work as a team to help each other. We need to encourage each other if someone gets discouraged! We need to remind each other to read!

Discuss additional goals that are appropriate for your family. Some suggestions include:

• Make scripture reading fun!

• Learn to find answers in the scriptures.

• Learn to ask questions about what you are reading.

• Make an effort to discuss what you are reading with other family members.

• Think about what you are reading.

If appropriate, you might want to bare your testimony about the scriptures.



Family Home Evening

Tips for better Scripture Study

1. Before you begin reading, pray for understanding and invite the help of the Holy Ghost.

2. Work: Pay the price of regular and diligent study!

3. Be consistent: set aside a specific and scheduled time each day.

4. Ponder: Think about the truths, experiences, and lessons in the scriptures. Take your time.

5. Write down impressions, thoughts and feelings: Record what you learn, think
This weeks reading challenge was
Monday       1 Nephi 1-3              completed
Tuesday       1 Nephi 4-6              completed
Wednesday  1 Nephi 7-8              completed
Thursday      1 Nephi 9-10            completed
Friday          1 Nephi 11-12          completed

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