Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 4 Cut Your Costs Bootcamp

Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over,  everything except technology. - John Tudor

 Save $1,000 On Your Cell Phone

Though you may have mastered walking while texting on your Crackberry, are you sure you're getting the best deal for the phone plan itself?

Know Your Charges.

In addition to your normal monthly service charges for regular use like calling and voicemail, you may face additional taxes and fees. These include a 911 surcharge to cover the maintenance of emergency services, a universal connectivity charge, and taxes

Do You Really Need That Unlimited Plan?

Which features do you use?

A bundled plan with unlimited texting, music, video, and pictures sounds great, but it's not all that useful if you don't use your phone for music.

How much do you actually talk on the phone?

Overestimate in order to give yourself a buffer, but be realistic. Go to your provider's website to find out exactly how many minutes you generally spend chatting away and how many texts you send and receive. An unlimited text and data plan with Verizon costs over $1,400 per year. Meanwhile, if you found that you only spoke around 300 minutes per month, you could settle for a 450-minute calling plan for just $60 per month, or $720 per year.

Do you need a plan with more minutes?

Have you used too many minutes at any point in the past three months? Have you had to pay for additional texts? How much? Charges for overuse tend to be pretty steep, so if you're having trouble staying in the limits of your plan, do the math to see if you'd benefit from a plan with more flexibility.

How To Shrink That Bill Within 20 Minutes.

Ask, and ye shall receive. Call your phone carrier to lower your bill—time and time again, simply asking does the trick. Start by entering your cell phone info into the website Billshrink, which will recommend the best plan for you. Knowing your needs will help equip you for that phone call.
Questions To Ask Your Cell Phone Provider When You Call.

When you call, be ready to negotiate.

How can I lower my plan?

Am I eligible for a free upgrade? (If you change your plan before upgrading, you'll likely lose your eligibility.

When am I due for a new phone contract?

Are there any cheaper plans that I can downgrade to? Do I have to pay a termination fee to do so?

When am I due for a new phone contract?

Time 10 mins approx
  1. Visit Billshrink to determine if there is a better plan for you.
  1. Go through your records to figure out how many minutes and texts you use regularly
  2. Call your cell phone provider. There's almost always something they can do to help you cut your bill. Don't be afraid to be assertive
  3. Figure out when your contract is up for renewal. Mark that date on your calendar to call back and negotiate an even better rate.

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